Camey McGilvray Debuts "Wired" at TAG Gallery - A Look Into What Alters Our Inter-Personal Communication

Contemporary artist, Camey McGilvray unveils her collection, Wired at TAG Gallery on November 29, 2011. Wired will run through December 24, 2011 and consists of both wall and freestanding wood and metal sculptures. The artist reception will take place December 3rd from 5pm - 8pm. McGilvray uses her art to illustrate the frantic pace that often exemplifies present day life and calls attention to our time saving, real time, electronic devices and how they have altered our inter-personal communication.

The title Wired refers not only to being up tight but also to being equipped with all the electronic gadgets deemed essential to contemporary communication. McGilvray further underlines the theme by incorporating wire into each piece, using the properties of the material itself to further the story.

McGilvray comments on the multi-tasking, scattered, fast-paced nature of contemporary life in such pieces as, I’m late I’m Late, Haywire, Smithereens and Sorry I Missed You. The abstract wood and metal figures seem to be in constant motion and running every which way. Like the real life people they represent, their electronic equipment keeps them terminally accessible – always reachable, always available, never “off duty.”

Wired also takes a particularly close look at the effects the communication upheaval has had in the business world and in social networks. Cubicle, for example, is a glimpse into the anonymity and isolating characteristics of the cube farm. Dozens of faceless “inhabitants” are shown entombed in their nondescript cubicles with their sophisticated communication devices, both of which serve to isolate them from human contact and from all but the most superficial communication.  And, as if the cubicle isn’t enough of a distancing device, it seems that there is always some electronic mechanism one can hide behind. Face Book Face questions the resemblance of the heavily edited electronic version to the real person. 

All of the pieces in the Wired collection address an underlying irony of the communication upheaval: our wonderful and indispensable communication devices while they facilitate, can also impede inter-personal communication. Our electronic gadgets allow us to send out more stuff and send it faster but ciphers cannot really substitute for the unedited face-to-face, personal exchanges between individuals. Ultimately, while more words reach, fewer touch.

TAG Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave. D-3

Santa Monica, CA 90404


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