Book Review: Live, Die, Live Again



by Ron Irwin

Everyone dies, but not everyone dies like Ron Irwin and comes back to tell about it.  Like a cat with nine lives, Ron survived obstacles as heart failure, diabetes, obesity and cancer.  He returned to beat them all. 

In his book, "Live Die Live Again,"  published by, Ron reports how on December 18, 2012, his life came to an abrupt end.  Home alone,  against all odds, he should have remained dead.  Instead a miracle happened and he worked his way back to health. 

 A true survivor, this Lake Forest, Illinois native thought he had everything. He sought adventure in the Marine Corps in 1963, became an attorney and moved to Southern California where he found himself immersed in a radio career.

 His book shares many of the lessons he has learned along the way and hopes it will inspire others to live a healthier, fuller life.  

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