Book Review - Blackwell – Hell Has A New Master - A Gothic Novel That Keeps You Reading



Blackwell - Available from Vesuvian Books

What happens when two men not only desire but obsess over the same woman?  And what happens when, after meeting the famed Oscar Wilde, one of them acquires the power of Voodoo? Such begins the addictive series of Blackwell. 


Poor, but ethical, Jacob O’Connor’s fate collides at Harvard with that of the spoiled heir Magus Blackwell.  Bemused by Jacob’s innocence, Magus takes the orphan under his wing to show him the debauched lifestyle of the rich in 1800s Boston.  A user and abuser of women, Magus always gets what he wants – or believes that he should.  However, when he loses Frances, a woman he professes to love, to Jacob’s purity, Magus vows revenge. 


Tangling with a Voodoo priestess, Magus sets into motion a cursed destiny that will haunt all involved for eternity.  Stakes grow higher as their souls grow darker. 


Blackwell from Vesuvian Books

Joined together by their mutual agent, Italia Gandolfo of GH Literary, the original concept belonged to Lucas Astor, who desired a collaborator to develop his short story into the dark epic it has become. 


An ICU nurse educator by profession, Alexandrea Weis had always loved writing.  “It was my eighth grade teacher, Ms. Wells, who at first did not believe I had actually created the story I handed in for our assignment.  When my mother vouched for me, it was my teacher who pushed me further into creative writing classes.  However, being practical, and realizing that making a living as a writer was difficult, I decided to study nursing at college.”


Writing continued to call to her and growing up in New Orleans, she became fascinated by the paranormal.  In between achieving her nursing PhD, Alexandrea wrote several books, but they remained in her desk drawer until seven years ago when her surgeon husband convinced her to do something with them. She then self-published several books, including her very popular paranormal erotica The Corde Noire Series, which so far has four books and more are expected.  A history buff who adored Alexander the Great, she wrote VIE – an historical romance based on the great commander.  It was this book that attracted her agent. 


Blackwell available in hardcover and eBook

Recently released by Vesuvian Books, BLACKWELL, is the first in the Magnus Blackwell series. Written by the award-winning Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor, it has already set a fire in the entertainment industry.  Look for BLACKWELL in hardcover and ebook everywhere books are sold.  And in a few months check out DAMNED – Book II in the Magnus Blackwell Series.  


Sam Shearon - cover artist of Blackwell - photo from Sam Shearon

The haunting cover was designed by artist/writer Mister Sam Shearon


This story will keep you turning the pages. 


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