Back to School and Bullying: Part III

In Part I of our series Back to School and Bullying, Dr. Bria Bliss, best-selling author of Breaking Free of Bullying discussed how fearful thoughts about our bullying creates more bullying into our lives.  In Part II we talked about thinking of at least one thing in your life that you are thankful for.  Part III will examine how music can help inspire and uplift you from pain and into prosperity.  

Best Selling Author Dr. Bria Bliss

Life is not a chore, but a gift.  So if you are not unwrapping gifts of abundance daily, then you are truly not living life.  When you are being bullied, you are trapped in the depths of despair, because you are not noticing the good in your life right now. How could you?  The feelings that accompany bullying are devastating, humiliating, and shaming….like it’s your fault.  Well, technically it is not your fault, but it is your thinking bad thoughts that make this bullying thing come to fruition.  I know that’s the last thing you want to hear, so let’s try and fix it.

Mindful Music

I have never met anyone who does not like some type of music and the motion that comes with it.  Even deaf people enjoy the movement of dancing in their silence.  With all this wonderful technology and cool apps it is so easy to create lists of your favorite music than when I was a teen.  I suggest, if you are being harassed and bullied right now, it will be important for you to listen to music as much as possible. 

Mindful Music Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Dr. Bria Bliss encourages music in her book, Breaking Free of Bullying. She states, “Music is a great way to switch your mood from the bad to the good zone.  When you understand how the brain works and how when the amygdala part of the brain gets triggered, it sets off a “fight or flight” response to situations.  Music and breathing calms the amygdala, and therefore, creates a more positive response to the stresses in life, like bullying.” 

If you are a parent reading this, and your child is having a difficult time coping with the pressures of school life, you need to have an honest conversation with your child’s counselor.  Ask about special services like a 504 plan which allows your child certain accommodations for their learning style.  If your child’s school does not allow ear buds on their school campus, I suggest you take action by encouraging your child’s school to develop a new philosophy and cite research-based evidence supporting mindful music.

Musical Headphones Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

What do you do if your child’s school does not embrace change?  You need to be proactive and release any roadblocks to your thinking about how high school life should be.  I know I had my own visions of how great high school would be for my children based on my own experiences.  This was not the case.  Our oldest daughter finished but not a day went by without the constant misery of backstabbing friends and callous teachers.  She did not even want to walk in her high school graduation.  My youngest daughter went from a great freshman year to a horrible sophomore year, tried homeschooling and became dejected in that, and finally found sanctuary in an alternative school.  So parents, you need to let go of control of what you think school life should be and do what’s best for each and every one of your children.  What worked for you, doesn’t mean it will work for them!

Music for Manifesting

As we all know, music is very powerful and I know that at any given moment a song that I love will immediately uplift me, make me feel utter bliss, and sing and shout from the rooftops!  Similarly, if I hear a song I cannot stand, it immediately puts me in a negative space even to the point of being highly angered sometimes.  If you want to create positive change in your life or your child’s life, it is vital that you listen to the right kind of music.  This is not to say you can’t ever listen to negative lyrics and music, but for the purposes of manifesting, it is crucial to listen to music that leaves you feeling happy.

A music journal is a great way to determine whether the music in your life has manifested money or misfortune; light or dark, friends or bullies.  If you notice a pattern that when you are listening to crude, angry, or disrespectful lyrics and it is manifesting in your life, for example, crude people in your school or workplace, angry people on the road, cutting  and flipping you off, or disrespectful people wherever you go, it may be time to reflect and change what it is your digesting day in and day out.

Music for Manifesting Photo by Stephan Martin

If you are digesting only negative music, you are digesting pain, agony, and despair.  Choose to listen to music that empowers you, encourages you, and gives you confidence.  When you make a habit of doing this regularly, you will digest only goodness in your life!  So sing on!

In Part IV of Back to School and Bullying we will answer the question: Are you living in a coconut?  We will discuss how digesting poison makes us a negative entity and that once you break free and uncover the hard shell of your coconut, you realize the goodness inside. 

DJ Young 1 Photo by Stephan Martin

DJ Young 1 is the youngest mixer for iHeart Media's Real 92.3 FM in L.A. and has performed across the country and internationally.  You may contact her at or Twitter @_DJYoung1LA_

Dr. Bria Bliss is a best-selling author and has been an educator for over 20 years using Mindfulness in her teaching and coaching.  She has a PhD in Philosophy Education and her book Breaking Free of Bullying is an interactive book written for children, teenagers, and adults who feel they are being bullied in some way or another.  It can be purchased at

Patti Martin, PhD, has been a feature writer for Splash Magazines World Wide for over 10 years.  She was an elementary school teacher for 21 years and is currently working with Dr. Bliss in ME training and strategies for the community. Her website  offers various types of services including personalized readings, mindfulness and educational services.  She is presently working to change the rules in the school system about music.  It is vital that schools allow students to wear earbuds in the halls, and on breaks.  This is a great way to meditate instead of medicate. 



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