Artist Jill Joy Preview - Hosts Grand Re-Opening of New Gallery on Saturday, Oct 8th!

Artist Jill Joy with her work photo by Scott Carmella

Art is healing…often to the viewers, but also to artists. Many artists use their art as a process to work through daily obstacles. Often an artist may not even be aware of it. Other times they stand in their emotions during hardships and their stories are revealed through their art. Artist Jill Joy is one such artist. She is not afraid to speak her truth, to allow her life’s journey to manifest in her paintings.  


Her work spotlights her commitment to carry on despite obstacles and to transcend them to achieve greater spiritual freedom and wisdom.

Thwarted Desire, by Jill Joy, oil on canvas, 48x48” photo by Scott Carmella

Joy explained that one of her works, Thwarted Desire portrays what it feels like to have one's heart's desire just out of reach. She went on to say that for her the painting conveys the feeling when frustrated desire is present, just under the surface of despair is a sense of luminescent hope.


Another painting that speaks to this is idea of using obstacles to evolve is Dissolution. It emerged as she dismantled her own life as a corporate marketer to create the one she had dreamed of for 20 years - being a full time artist. Joy said “The two sides of the coin of change are destruction and creation.”

Dissolution, by Jill Joy, oil on canvas, 60x72” photo by Scott Carmella

In 2012 Joy decided to leave her high paying, corporate job in global marketing strategy. She sold her condo and for the next three years proceeded to live off her savings and paint in relative isolation. In the fall of 2015 she packed up and left her support system behind in San Diego, only to begin again in Los Angeles. The money from her condo was put back into her artistic journey.


“Painting in an uninterrupted fashion for three years was bliss,” said Joy. “As an artist I gave myself everything I had previously meted out in small doses: time, money, space, whatever art supplies I needed. That time and focused dedication allowed me to make creative and spiritual quantum leaps.” She later decided to open her own gallery. “I had the very clear sense I was on and am on the Hero’s Journey as defined by Joseph Campbell.” The artist-hero must take herself away from the world and cultivate her inner jewel i.e. Go to the studio and paint. But to complete that journey she must bring her gift back to society to provide its life giving message and energy to renew the world. Society may accept or reject the gift, but the Hero’s Journey is not complete until she brings it back to the world. My gallery is part of that journey.”


On Saturday, July 8th, Joy celebrates the grand opening of a new location for her gallery. Her inaugural exhibition entitled “Emotion” will feature works from the series Emotion.

She's Come Undone, by Jill Joy, oil on canvas, 60x72 photo by Scott Carmella

One of the works, She's Come Undone, focuses on how love can undo us all. “Those experiences that shake our perception of ourselves by their very nature are both destructive of who we thought we were and creative of a new view of ourselves if we fully allow ourselves to experience the undoing,” said the artist. She went on to say that such experiences share chaos and rebirth. This painting was inspired by feelings of tremendous personal loss. “My instinct told me that rather than hang on, I should just allow myself to surrender to the grief and that would allow me to move through it and find strength in that which is beyond me, my sense of the spiritual light that underpins all of existence and in so doing I would integrate a bit more of that light into my own consciousness.”


Not Black & White speaks to what we all know…that life is not black and white. “There are some things we may never choose to do again,” said Joy,  “And we could consider them ‘mistakes’ but the truth is...there were some golden kernels of knowledge in there with the muck. Often we grow the most from pain and difficult experiences. These experiences, however much we wish we could avoid them, lead us to new heights of understanding and depths of compassion and wisdom.”

Not Black & White, by Jill Joy, acrylic on canvas, 36x36” photo by Scott Carmella

She continued, “I read somewhere recently that creative people ‘Fail upwards,’” said Joy.  “This is what I strive to do with my life and art and hope and believe I have done. Dealing with setback and failure is integral to the creative process. It opens the door for new understanding, new experience and new vision.” Life is a journey and Joy continues on hers, all the while creating beautiful, truthful and inspiring art.


Enjoy an artist reception for “Emotion” and the Grand Opening of the new Jill Joy Gallery (456 S. La Brea Avenue, LA, 90036), on Saturday, October 8th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The exhibition runs through October 29th, 2016.

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