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AFM: New Literary Device Revealed from TriCoast Worldwide

By Serita Stevens

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Talking with TriCoast Worldwide at the AFM, I learned of an exciting new invention. 


The EV book

If you haven't heard or seen eBooks, you're living in the Dark Ages.   Those of us who know about eBooks have seen vast growth in the market especially with the advent of the Kindle.  Since it's the motto of Hollywood to take something and make it better, that is exactly what Marcy Levitas Hamilton, CEO of Tri Coast Worldwide, has done.  Ms. Hamilton and her daughter, Daisy, have come up with the idea of adding visuals to eBooks.  The 25 year old TriCostal Worldwide, which is known for its wide selection of movie genres, has hit on a winner. 



Marcy Levitas Hamilton and the EV book

This new invention is sue to sweep the literary industry.  Not only does it have the story and script, but it features behind the scene interviews with the artists, directors, writers, etc.   It's almost like the special additions that we get at the end of DVDs. 


Taking advantage of the new eVBook is a snap.  Just like the Kindle, it's available to be read everywhere. Despite the visuals, there is no need of streaming or wi fi.  It is truly an anywhere event.  The visuals, all embedded into the books,  are amazing.  These books are available on all tablets and smart phones, just as the Kindle. 


Marcy and Daisy Hamilton

There is an amazing assortment of books in both fiction and non fiction.  As a visual learner, I was pleased to see a cookbook where I can not only read the recipe but see it being prepared like my own Food Channel.   I especially liked the knitting book where I can, with the expert knitter, learn basics or new stitches. 


As the Chinese say, "Pictures are worth a thousand words."    There is even a book on surfing done with expert Dana Brown.   (His father Bruce is one of the top surfers and has the top grossing surf movie, Endless Summer.) . This book features not only techniques and story but beautiful scenery and visualizations. 


This new alternative to books is sure to take off. 



from TriCoast Studios

This 25 year old company, which started in feature production, soon added post production and distribution to their venue.  They brought with them to the AFM a wide variety of films including TWO JACKS, staring Sienna Miller, Danny Huston and Jack Huston.   They also had a fun kids movie, SPARKY,  a dog adventure and the THE DEBT, a story of Mosad agents and the capture of a German war criminal.  The current version making the theatre rounds is not nearly as good like the original, which is available in Hebrew, Russian and German.  I think my favorite, however, is A STANDING OVATION.  Full of song and fun, aimed at the pre-teen market it's High School Musical meets Glee. 


from TriCoas Studio

For more information about TriCoastal go to www.TriCoastWorldwide.com.  The library can be seen at iBook at www.TriCoastPublishing.com or call 310 458 7707.




Published on Nov 15, 2011

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