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At some point in our lives, we have all witnessed the truth in the saying, misery loves company. When you break up with your boyfriend, your girls are at your side. When you complain about hating your job, the other side of the bar chimes in agreement. When astrologists try to change the pattern of the zodiac signs, all of the star-following people of the world protest with you.

What if you could challenge all this? Maybe it is not misery that loves company after all. Maybe people just enjoy being around each other.
Modern day fine artist, Rachel Tribble, is single handedly disproving that misery is what draws the masses together. As the featured artist at the 18th Annual Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in Orlando, Florida, Rachel is spreading happiness to thousands of people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and income levels. "Being the featured artist is so much fun," explains Rachel. "It's happy and it is such an honor because Disney is such a special place."


Rachel's paintings and artwork are praised for their unique use of light and vibrant color. "It's bright and filled with light and color," she explains. Flowers, butterflies, and the beauties of nature come to life on her canvases, bringing smiles and hope to the faces of her audience. "It's a weird feeling to have so many genuine fans," Rachel describes. "I can not tell you how many people have come up to me and told me stories about how having my art in their home makes them feel happy, even during a bad time in their life. When life is at its darkest, my art makes them happy. They take a piece of me home with them to feel safe." Her inherent desire to use her art to extract positive emotions from her viewers attracts a very broad audience. With fans ranging from children to the baby-boomer generation, Rachel's use of vivid imagery is something that can appeal to everyone. "It is my goal to make people feel better after seeing my art. But all I do is just birth it and hope for the best."

Although a painter all her life, Rachel started her career as a designer and producer of live performance art for rock nightclubs and rave productions. "I am a failed musician," she jokes  "But I am a huge fan and deeply influenced by music. I was a club girl and my transition from the avant-garde art I was used to was not planned. However, bright became my rebellion out of the dark of the night clubs."

In addition to finding influence from music, Rachel is most deeply inspired by her own personal emotions and mother Earth. "I'm like an isolated being. I live in my own little world. I am enamored by the sun, the ocean, and the force of nature- I am in awe of it all." Through the use of her emotions and appreciation of nature, Rachel has become a true legend in the world of fine art.

Green Moon Shell

What is next for Rachel? Painting is something she will continue to do forever. It is her way of maintaining balancing through that fleeting moment when the force of creation is channeling through her into her artwork. "Right now I am watching the Earth inhale. I like to believe that Mother Earth is nurturing. But we are just species and we need to respect her and take care of her. She's taking an inhale right now and I have no idea what the exhale will be like."


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