The Wonder Spot - Curiouser and Curiouser

It's that mid-summer time again' hot, sticky days, watermelon, and a chance to dip into an ice cold pool' or a refreshing new book.

Melissa Bank, author of the bestselling novel, The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, is back with a new novel, The Wonder Spot.  Comparisons are always odious, and in this case unnecessary' both books confirm what those who have read her already know:  Bank writes characters with such clarity and grace that her novels become not only relatable, but downright enjoyable.

In The Wonder Spot, Bank's new heroine, Sophie Applebaum, explores her own identity as she comes of age with a pithy, barreled-down sense of humor.  Sophie undergoes transformations before our very eyes.  From the child she once was, to the woman she becomes; we get to see her burgeon' most humorously' into a self-assured, but still self-deprecating thirty-something-year-old.

The beauty of Bank's prose lies in her characters' including the ones that enter the novel only briefly, or in Sophie Applebaum's periphery.  We get to see Sophie's beliefs about herself through her perceptions of those around her.  Whether it's Venice Lambourne' the coltish female-lovelorn aficionado, or the back and forth-ness of her brothers' come-and-go girlfriends' Sophie has something to say about it all. 

Those age-old adages of love become surprisingly fresh, yet understated, as Bank weaves the narrative back and forth in time.  Bank makes the reader feel what it is to be a woman' The Wonder Spot prods at those issues that continue to afflict as life moves forward' love afflictions, familial afflictions, and the never-solidified what-am-I-going-to-be when I grow up affliction.  It's all there. 

Life moves forward, forward.  And Melissa Bank is there to make wonder of those spots of time before they vanish. 


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