The Joys of Much Too Much-Book Review

Sun block, check; sandals, check; sunglasses, check; bottled water check; fun summer reading, check, check' With the mercury rising at or near the triple-digit mark, we're all yearning to escape the heat and humidity. Whether or not you find yourself sunbathing along the poolside patio or beach-bound running to the edge of the tide and curling sand in between your toes, don't leave without Bonnie Fuller's new book, The Joys of Much Too Much. The American Media Inc. Editorial Director serves up of her literary edition of Peggy Lee's 'I'm a Woman', more than a political commentary on the challenges we 'superwomen' face juggling home, career, family, and friends' Ms. Fuller banishes the sociological contrivances of choosing one over the other, battling inner demons of guilt, anxiety, and inadequacy and getting out of our own way to pursue a lifelong goal and having a fulfilling life that exceeds our wildest dreams. This page-turner is an easy and fun read, which will inspire, motivate, and teach its reader, 'Not only can you have it all, but you shouldn't settle for anything less!'

Ms. Fuller encourages her readers to turn negatives into positives.

I recently attended an intimate evening of cocktails and conversation with the author to launch her aptly titled beach book. Henri Bendel hosted the evening, showcasing Joys as part of its 'Beach Blanket Books' series. The 216-page handbook gives tips on achieving 'everything you want personally and professionally' even if you're afraid you don't have what it takes.' Just off the atrium of the third floor, the crowd gathered hungrily not only to partake of the white wine, fruit, cheese, and delectable desserts, but also the tidbits that the successful media maven, former editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour, would impart.

She delighted the crowd with witty anecdotes of her childhood as a shy, awkward girl growing up in Toronto, Canada. How is it that the girl who never won any awards for sewing her own peasant dresses rose to fashion elite status, leading some of the nation's top women's magazines? And how is that this woman with a demanding career, husband, and four children found the time and summoned up the energy to write a book? 'I had a point of view I thought was important to get out there,' Ms. Fuller said. In an era of negative messages and self-help books, we should 'cancel the guilt trip and embrace the chaos that is life rather than run away from it.' She wanted to give women who are starting careers, relationships, or perhaps balancing the two, another perspective. Instead of making the 'Solomon's Choice' of career or family and wracking ourselves with guilt if we don't do things perfectly, why shouldn't we have it all?

Ms. Fuller expounds on the joys of living life to it's fullest!

The message is clear, Carpe diem, seize the day. Why obsess over creating a perfectly uncluttered illusion of a life when you can be out there living and loving every minute of it? She writes that she's come to the conclusion that a jam-packed, maxed-out, full-to-the-very-top existence is the secret to an insanely happy life. I've coined this freshly-penned mantra at the heart of her guidebook, 'Fullerosophy'; this new reverse psychology tells us to take the things we see as overwhelming and think of them as a rich, rewarding combination of blessings. She advises us to stay proactive in all things and live our lives as fully as possible' now. The time of life keeps ticking, and we only have to fit it all in. There are no second chances, so go for it now! Ms. Fuller urges us to adopt a make-things-happen-mindset and silence those nagging voices of doubt and self-criticism.

The former fashion editrix turned celebrity authority [American Media Inc. publishes 16 titles including Star, Shape, and Globe] says the good side of stress is that it pushes you to do better. She also reminds her reader that failure is not a permanent condition and warns us not to wallow, but instead to gain perspective. 'No one else is going to make your dreams happen for you if you don't make it happen for yourself.' She warns against becoming complacent with an okay life. 'I can't emphasize how important it is to take risks, at every stage of your life.' Remember when you were a child and you would dream of going to the moon, reawaken that inner child; it's okay to be ambitious and to work to make your dreams a reality.


A true survivor, Ms. Fuller has reinvented herself time and time again.

'Do what needs to be done, and relish both the risk and the reward; this will make leaping into the unknown less risky than accepting the status quo.' One of her best pearls of wisdom is to say yes only to unconditional love. And in one of her most personal revelations, Ms. Fuller describes how a crisis can be a character-defining moment and recounts the discovery of elder daughter's, Sofia, brain tumor and her other daughter Leilah's battle with leukemia. She writes that you can be in the darkest place and still have hope'   'The life of much too much is one that opens all paths and leaves you with the freedom to be the person you were born to be, in every way. Much too much is just right. It is exactly what you need, to be fully alive, at every moment of your life!'

Fullerosophies abound in this page turner, telling the reader to envision more for herself, go for it, and then get it!

The Joys of Much Too Much is published by Simon & Schuster and is also available as an eBook, for more information please visit

Event photos provided courtesy of Jodi Mellman at Henri Bendel, for more information please visit


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