Teresa Carpenter - San Diego Romance Author - Part of Billion Dollar Industry

Teresa Carpenter is a local Lemon Grove, San Diego, romance author. Romance books are pulling in over a billion dollars a year. Teresa grew up mostly in the Hemet - San Jacinto area and is fifth generation Californian.

One day when she was tweleve on a trip to the grocery store with her mom. She spotted a Harlequin novel, a romance novel series. The one she spotted was a trial novel for 15 cents and she persuaded her mom to let her give the book a try. After that she was hooked. Teresa read many Harlequin novels over the next few years and then moved on to the early Historical market of the seventies which started the Romance market boom.

By the time Teresa was in her early twenties she said I could write these. Her first attempt was plotting a Historical with her mother’s and grandmother’s input, who also loved to read Historicals. In 1984 she discovered the Orange County Romance Writers, an organization where she could learn the craft and market for her novels. Eventually she moved on to the San Diego Romance writers, where she held several volunteer positions including being president twice. Thirteen long years later she sold her first book. She is currently a district representative of the Nation Romance Writers of America board. An organization of Romance writers with over nine thousand strong. Maybe this will give you an idea why the Romance books sales is a billion dollar industry. Teresa’s first novel was released in 1999.  

Released books:

The Baby Due Date - Released 1999

There Was A Mix-up At The Sperm Bank... And now Lisa Langdon was expecting millionaire Jared Steel’s baby. The dashing executive was determined to be an exceptional father, and Lisa couldn’t deny her unborn baby his love.

However, she never anticipated the needs she’d feel for the devoted daddy-to-be. Lisa kept telling herself that her reasons for wanting to know the man had to do only with the baby--and not with how charming she found him.

Jared was a handsome, intelligent-everything she desired in a man. But the once burned bachelor didn’t believe in romance. Now it was up to Lisa to show him she was more the the mother of his child-she was a desirable woman in need of love...

Daddy’s Little Momento - Released 2004

Surprise You’re a Dad
High school principal Alex Sullivan considered the new school nurse strictly off-limits. But when the leggy blonde turned up on his doorstep with a chubby-cheeked baby--claiming Alex was the dad-he knew his bachelorhood was in big trouble.

When her sister died, Samantha Dell had cared for her darling newphew as if he were her own. And though little Gabe needed his father, she’d never imagined Alex would want to be a full-time parent-or her husband  But she wanted more from the sexy dad than a face-saving, hollow promise...Samantha vowed she would settle for nothing less than his heart.

Flirting With Fireworks
- Released in the summer of 2005 as part of a four book series called The Blossom County Fair Series with three other San Diego authors

It’s All in the cards
One glimpse of her impossibly long legs and Mayor Jason Strong knew trouble had arrived in Blossom, Texas. Her name was lady Pandora--and she claimed she could predict the future. Even though he didn’t but the beautiful gypsy’s phony claim, he couldn’t help wondering if her kisses could alter the course of his future...

It’s All in his eyes
Cherry Cooper, otherwise known as Lady Pandora, had her reasons for coming to Blossom, and they didn’t involve falling under the spell of a sexy cowboy and his adorable little girl. But unfortunately, her psychic powers seemed to pale in comparison to the seductive power of love...

Baby Twins: Parents Needed - According to Teresa the cover of her latest book released in August 07 is so adorable the book is selling like hotcakes

She's left to cope with twins…
Rachel Adams's independent life is turned upside down when she's named guardian to two orphaned twins  It's hard to suddenly be a mom to two demanding babies, but in no time they steal her heart...

…And their stand-in dad 
When gorgeous co-guardian Ford Sullivan turns up, he starts to take charge. Rachel realizes it's best for the babies if she and Ford work together. But being this close to Ford makes Rachel wonder whether stand-in mom and dad could become forever bride and groom…

Teresa nest book " Her Baby: His Proposal" will be out June 2008.

You may be starting to see a pattern here. Yes these books cater to a certain audience, most books do. Teresa writes for Harlequin Romance line which offers readers a homespun emotional read. More depth into the characters thought. Harlequin has romance lines for those who prefer a softer romance to those who like the more contemporary hot read.. How else could they compete in this billion dollar industry.

Teresa's thoughts on writing - she writes because she loves to create stories  proving "Love and Family Conquer All." Shes very happy with her little peice of the billion dollar industry.

You can visit her website at www.teresacarpenter.net.
Her latest book and others can be found on amazon.com. Twin Baby: Parents Needed

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