Send Me A Sign Book Review

I reached for a nearby magazine subscription insert to mark page 321 of the book in my hands, peeled the warm blanket from my lap and glanced at the clock to my right.  It read 6:18pm.  I rubbed my eyes and looked again at the time.  I had perched myself on the end of my couch around noon for what I thought would be a brief 'reading break.'  Had I really been in this position for over six hours?!  The blinking red light on my phone displaying four new voicemail messages and the pangs of hunger in my stomach indicated that, indeed, I had.

I must confess that I am a stereotypical bibliophile.  The two white Home Depot storage cabinets in the garage that my husband installed three years ago for other purposes are now overflowing with hundreds of my hardcover and paperback treasures.  These are not the mini-cabinets, mind you.  They are the floor-to-ceiling variety.  Needless to say, I like to read.  Few of these books, however, have held my uninterrupted attention like 'Send Me A Sign,' a new release by Doug Binder with Dave Grill and Kellie Poulsen-Grill.     

This non-fiction work is the true story of one love lost and another found, one life ended and another begun.  It is the story of Dave Grill, the all-American high school quarterback star, the loving husband and father of three beautiful children, the man truly blessed in life and in love.  This idyllic existence, however, was tragically ended in 2000 when his wife of 16 years, Theresa, succumbed to the cancer she had been bravely fighting for the past two years.  It is the inspiring story of Theresa's dying wishes, words and actions from beyond.   Filled with spine-chilling 'coincidences' including a certain popular country music song, a specific number and a glorious rainbow sky, it is the story of Theresa's acceptance of and blessings toward Dave's new love, Kellie.    

Written honestly and intelligently, Doug Binder's first novel is a sparkling gem.  It is a well-executed commentary on the human condition; a mother's determination and strong will to nurture and protect even when she can't physically be there, a father's absolute belief and trust in his instincts and a family's resolve in knowing that they are being guided and led to safety.  It is a remarkable journey and a pure joy to read.

To purchase your own copy of 'Send Me A Sign,' visit or write PO Box 1254 Wilsonville, OR  97070.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all books will be donated to breast cancer research.       


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