RARE - Book of Portraits Summoning Human and Animal Essence

As with artists, the vision begins with a dream. Photographer Nicole Maloney has realized her vision in a series of breathtaking portraits summoning both the human and animal—essences of both the wildness and wisdom of the creative spirit. In her latest collection of portraits “RARE” she captures the unity between the fragile primal forces that are threatened today and the noble love of mankind.

Maloney’s pictures emerge from every corner of the world from an array of human experience spanning artists, actors, doctors, entrepreneurs, musicians and ordinary people. Each one is a surprise, a revelation of not only beauty but something rare that emanates from the heart. From the delightful James Caan juxtaposed with a bison, firefighters from the NYFD wearing translucent wings to the introspective Mossimo Giannulli with his dandy black and white bird, these images inspire and inform us of our eternal connection with nature. With introductions by Cindy Crawford, Kenny G., Robert Kennedy, Jr., Jack Hanna, Charlie Munger and Gerald Molen, RARE is an unforgettable journey of photographs.

“RARE attempts to recognize people of significance; people who have taken the road less traveled; people from all walks of life who live in our time that have made a difference. RARE pairs these people with wild animals, all for artistic sake, to awaken the dream within us all to see the good in man. I want to show the world their significance and magnificence as a species both in the human and animal form” says Nicole Maloney.

Nicole is on a mission to change the world one photograph at a time. Her vision is demonstrated in the way she photographs her subjects. Nicole has a talent to expose the truth hidden in the human soul. Born in South Bend, Indiana, Nicole Maloney graduated with a BA in Communications from UCLA in 1989 and later studied fashion at Parsons School of Design in Paris, France. Nicole spent seven years working in the entertainment industry at Sony Studios. Besides producing films, the rise of new technologies fascinated Nicole. She launched her own interactive start-up and patented a technology that allowed people to ‘play with the pros in real time online’. Still a lover of film, RARE clearly demonstrates the power of digital imaging. Within each image, Nicole combines the human soul with the animal spirit. The animal allows the viewer to recognize the uniqueness in each person. Every human soul is unique unto itself. These people, these images, relay who and what they are….RARE. Nicole is active in her community; she is on the board of Mattel’s Children Hospital UCLA; she is a volunteer for other various causes; and she runs their own family foundation. Currently, Nicole is working on her next photography book project along with an exhibition of her photographs turned into pieces of art on canvas.

All of the royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to The International Rescue Committee (IRC). Over the last 75 years, the IRC has fostered fresh starts for global refugees escaping tyranny. Please visit www.theirc.org for more information on The International Rescue Committee.

For more information on RARE please visit http://www.daab-online.com/books/Photo_Books/Nicole_Maloney_-_RARE.html

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