Platiquemos Review - Spanish FSI Basic Course Level 1

Start speaking Spanish with Platiquemos

Platiquemos means "Let's Talk!" Learning Spanish can be easier than you think with Platiquemos. At first, I thought the Spanish course was overwhelming with having to sit and listen to the CDs--I just don't have that kind of time. But then, the lightbulb went on in my head! I figured out that I could wear my portable CD player while I cleaned and cooked. I carried my portable CD player in my purse and slipped on my earplugs while I grocery shopped and ran errands. But that didn’t stop me, I would load my CD in my CD player and listened while I took a shower.

The highly popular Spanish language course is an updated and expanded version of the Foreign Language Institute Program made for government employees. This means that you can learn Spanish, but you don’t have to learn as a government employee is required--but you learn just the same and you'll be on your way to becoming a fluent Spanish speaker.
Platiquemos is widely considered to be among the best audio tools to help you learn Spanish. This revised edition was made for the serious student and provides drills as well as background on grammar and culture. Platiquemos is extremely thorough, and pays special attention to precise pronunciation. With Platiquemos more is better because the student will need to repeat words, sentences, phrases until Spanish is stamped in their head.


Audio CD
Emphasis is on gaining verbal proficiency in the language
Available in eight levels (first level is reviewed here)
Course uses concept of "over learning" so that the material is learned well
All Spanish-language audio is performed by native speakers, primarily from Latin America
Manual includes grammar lessons, pronunciation descriptions and numerous cultural notes

The language program is designed for the student who is committed to learning Spanish and must take the time to go through its numerous exercises. The student will be on their way to becoming a fluent Spanish speaker. 
The Spanish course is a little more than other Spanish audio courses, but then again, there’s nothing average about Platiquemos--you will get far more than what you pay. For information about Platiquemos click on:

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