New Year's Resolutions With "Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame"

While there is always an abundance of resolutions for each New Year, the real difficulty is keeping them. Some powerful words of advice from a new book, Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame, by Michael S. Class might help to shape your best kept resolutions for 2006. 


Resolve to explore-to find out what life has to offer.

Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut: "To go places and to do things that have never been done before-that's what life is all about." (from Chapter 2: The Men on the Moon)

Resolve to follow your plan-one step at a time.

Charles Lindbergh, pilot of the Spirit of St. Louis: "The important thing is to start; to lay a plan, and then follow it step by step no matter how small or large each one by itself may seem." (from Chapter 4: Steps Across the Atlantic)

Resolve to watch out for opportunity-and then take advantage of it.

Thomas Edison, inventor and businessman: "Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." (from Chapter 5: The Business of Genius)


Resolve to hurry up and create your own good luck.

Lou Gehrig, baseball player: "My success came from one word-hustle."
(from Chapter 7: The Luckiest Man)


Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame is available at, on, at select bookstores, and by calling toll-free: 1-800-247-6553.

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