Never Kiss a Frog: a girl's guide to creatures from the dating swamp

The All-Work-No-Play Frog

We've all heard the old fairytale: the princess who came across a frog in the road, kissed him, and watched him magically turn into a charming prince.  For those of us single women, we know every guy out there doesn't turn into the prince of your dreams when you kiss him.  Consoling girlfriends have handed out ice cream and reassured, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince."  What Marilyn Anderson reveals, however, in her new book Never Kiss a Frog, is that frogs will never turn into a prince!  "A frog is a frog is a frog," she writes with conviction in this new, funny guide to dating for single women.

As a writer, Marilyn Anderson - a.k.a. Frogerella - has written for several TV series including Murphy Brown and FAME, as well as films and stage plays.  As an actress, she has performed in theatres as well as stand-up comic clubs.  As a scientist, she has studied frogs.  And as a single woman, she has encountered many human frogs.  And I mean many.  The tall and short, the rich and impoverished, the lazy and the workaholics, and the young and old have all crossed paths with her.

Marilyn Anderson and her new book

Never Kiss a Frog recounts these frogs in a series of hilarious anecdotes that tell about her experiences with every sorry specimen of the male species she's come across, including the Long-Term-Go-Nowhere Frog, the Married Frog, the Horny Toad, the Obsessed-With-His-Ex Frog, the Obsessed-With-His-Body Frog, the Smokin' and Croakin' Frog, the Godfrogger, the Groggy Froggy, the All-Play-No-Work Frog, the Frog-in-the-Box, the Tadpole, and Frogzilla, to name just a few.  Sound familiar?  Anderson remembers them and more, and she writes them up here so single women can avoid the trouble.  Interspersed with the anecdotes are cute frog drawings and bullet-point lists of tell-tale signs of a frog so women can look out for them.

The Godfrogger

Each story tells of a different frog with exaggerated, amusing detail.  Never Kiss a Frog is an entertaining, light-hearted book that gently pokes fun at all the loveable (or hateful!) flaws of men.  A little, handy book, you can pass it around easily, for both men and women can get a good laugh out of the laughable truths of the dating scene.  Anderson delivers her stories with a sharp, shrewd wit.  Sometimes a bit silly, sometimes a bit over-the-top, Never Kiss a Frog is nevertheless a fun little book you may want to recommend to your single girl friends.

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