Los Angeles Art Show - 2011 Review

The 16th Annual Los Angeles Art Show, presented by the Fine Art Dealers Association (FADA) and KR Martindale Show Management at the Los Angeles Convention Center, brought together over 100 prominent international exhibitors from around the globe on January 19th for a 5-day event. Live demonstrations, interactive art, lectures, performances as well as a special exhibition of contemporary Chinese artworks never displayed before outside of China made this event special.  
The opening night premiere party benefitted two worthy causes - The Art of Elysium, which seeks to expand its program which brings the arts to critically ill hospitalized children and the Getty Museum’s Education Department program for Title One School visits that seeks to  substantially increase the number of school children who will visit the Getty.

Natchez Mississippi 1945 by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Special exhibitions included the private collection of never before seen photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson, giving us a fresh insight into places and times, like Harlem in the forties, with a unique perspective this French artist brought to bear in the timeless beauty of his work.  There were a multitude of VIP hang out areas, each with it's own unique style along with a plethora of catered appetizers, Hama Sushi rolls being one of the favorites along with cocktails and sounds of live performance art.

An inventive reworking of famous photography such as Avedon, Penn and Corbijn by Alex Guofeng Cao

Willy Rojas photography of whimsical stories put together with real life everyday images mixed together with miniatures.  Here in "Sunny Side Up" scuba divers watch a fellow swimmer as he is about to plunge into the depths of an egg yolk.

Sunny Side Up by Willy Rojas

Viewpoints of Millions by David Datuna

David Datuna, an artist from Tbilisi, Georgia incorporates recycled glasses into his piece "Viewpoints of Millions". This multilayered work reveals multiple perspectives of political and media clippings making up a U. S. flag.  Another area of the floor contains another of his pieces "Chaotic Past" where dishwashers and piles of broken dishes lay scattered while the crowd watched him throw in succession, more dishes into the space clattering while they break, revealing "our gluttony for the products of a highly developed consumer sensibility."  David Datuna shows with the Westwood Gallery in New York.

Chaotic Past by David Datuna

Roland Kulla's "Kinzie" is an industrial strength acrylic painting of bold construction beams standing strong turned into an object of admiration.

Kinzie by Ronald Kulla

Self-taught painter Jorge Santos "Mail Order Bride" proved a statement of today's eagerness in differing countries' ideas of what is allowable versus what is respectable.

Mail Order Bride by Jorge Santos

Chen Ping's "Dalai Lama with Soldier" has a thick textured pigment on a white canvas with a use of negative space as thought itself.  ( Gaffer Gallery, Hong Kong)

Dalai Lama with Soldier by Chen Ping

Annie Hsaio-Wen Wang's work uses color as an instrument allowing the viewer to feel for a moment an inner peace within its fluid space. (Gaffer Gallery, Hong Kong)

Bloom by Annie Hsaio-Wen Wang

In the China Today booth an exhibition of new work by Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano titled "Candy, Girls and Hero" utilized automotive paint on aluminum for a unique contemporary style of art incorporating animation characters with sparkling glitz.

Candy, Girls and Hero by Yoshitaka Amano

The opening night premiere after party was held at the  at the Ritz Carlton's newly designed residences.  The 51st floor penthouse was a colorful party scene as the Henri Cartier-Bresson works were showcased in one of the rooms while catered appetizers got gobbled up. The view was to die for while the DJ  pumped out beats by  spinning old fashioned vinyl records. A few of the residences were open for viewing, each designed with a different yet modern taste.  The common area is a fresh, natural look of stone and wood, utilizing a lighter color palette with a California vibe.  Mitchell Freedland was the designer for the residence containing Garret Suhrie's framed photographs.  Currently backed by The Maybach Mentorship Foundation, where he has interned with and manages the studio of, David LaChapelle, this young photographer travels the world and uses camera exposure times that vary between 30 minutes to 8 hours, creating stunning visual masterpieces.  Clinging to the wall like one of his surreal photos, Garret freely admitted that interviews make him uncomfortable.  A reel of an interview with David LaChapelle doing most of the talking played on a loop in a fabulously comfortable movie room on the 27th floor of the Ritz.  Garret, whose works were recently exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum in D.C., redefines our concepts of nature and portrait photography.

Photography of Garret Suhrie

Woodsom & Rummerfield designers fixed up another residence with an old Hollywood glamour with a new contemporary freshness. With unparalleled views they have operable windows with the downtown skyline from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.
The 224 residences run from 1,000 square feet through 6,000 square feet and start at $850,000 up to 9.3 million with a monthly association fee, which varies based on the size of the property.  

Ritz Carlton residences in downtown Los Angeles

One of the more interesting exhibits at the convention center was Flora Kao’s Ghost Grove presented by the Los Angeles Art Association (Gallery 825).  Floating translucent chiffon panels each painted with a black leafless tree invites the viewer to interact with them while walking through the dreamlike area removing all thoughts except for the experience itself.  Kao states "With my installations I seek to carve out moments of beauty, to inspire reflection of our distance from organic beauty of natural phenomena, and to offer respite from the frenetic schedules of daily modern life."

LAAA director Peter Mays and artist Flora Kao

Erwin Olaf, born in the Netherlands continues to mix photojournalism with studio photography. He continues to explore issues of gender, sensuality, humor, despair and grace. 

Fashion Victims by Erwin Olaf

The Los Angeles Art Show continues to be the largest art fair on the West Coast and a must-see for both the art connoisseur and the arts-curious. With more than 10,000 significant paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, and prints on exhibit and available for purchase, the Los Angeles Art Show brings together the West Coast art community in an internationally attended five-day celebration of the arts.

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