Jeffery Dread Art Review - Latest Collection Human Footprints

(Los Angeles, CA) September 18, 2008 – I have lived in LA for many years, years in which I have been exposed to an incredibly wide range of people, concepts and, most importantly, art, for art possesses the rare quality of infinite definition and interpretation.

The Trigg Ison Fine Art Gallery, like many other galleries lining the streets of West Hollywood, is a hidden treasure that can only be noticed if you are looking directly for it. The outer white walls are covered in lush green ivy and the sign in front displays four simple black squares, each containing an initial: t, i, f, a.

It is interesting to see how one tiny space in the middle of one of the largest cities can fill itself with so many varying styles of art and emotion.

The gallery features drawings, sculptures, paintings and mixed-media art pieces

Entering the gallery through its North Robertson door leads you to a tiny, mellow room of bold, yet calming colors amidst varying forms of art. There are sculptures, sketches, paintings, some of which are so exact that you have to look twice to confirm they are not photographs, while others are mere silhouettes or shapes that loosely resemble familiar objects.

The Trigg Ison Fine Art Gallery houses several of the greatest cubist and avant-garde work of the early 1900s

The t.i.f.a gallery specializes in original modern art, most of which is from the art deco / modernist movements of the early 1900s, and houses several of the greatest cubist and avant-garde work of that time.

Trigg Ison, gallery owner, standing with his favorite piece by French cubist painter, Albert Gleizes

This night, however, Trigg Ison introduced a new form of modern art to the gallery, full of bursting colors, sparkles and energy, for the opening exhibit of Jeffery Dread’s latest collection, Human Footprint: The Impact.

Red carpets welcomed guests as they entered the gallery and were walked into to a dichotomy of images. The canvasses of vibrant, neon-colored figures with sharp, black outlines lined the bright white walls of the gallery. As I took a closer look at the art, I could see there were non-fictional individuals placed in fictional environments, icons of today interacting with idols of the past and glowing green light that hovered throughout each piece as an environmental warning.

"Johnny and the Green Angels" presents glimpses of past stars - Elvis, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe and others

As a contemporary artist, Jeffery combines various forms of art media, first drawing, then photographing and then painting over an image, with pop-culture icons to illustrate current political and environmental issues. Because Jeffery experienced first-hand starvation and ecological breakdown in Haiti, he is particularly interested in exploring the progression from humans’ pride in traditional values to their current state of apathy in the world.

"The Green Supper" mirrors the religious classic but with prominent activists of our day

Human Footprint: The Impact, delves further into this evolution by incorporating prominent figures in controversial settings to illustrate how humans’ changing desires, habits, beliefs and aspirations have resulted in dangerous over-consumerism and environment issues, such as global warming.

"The Daily Green Show" includes pop-culture icons John Steward, Martha Stuart and others

Jeffery’s favorite piece, “Disney Teen Green Team,” features Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Hayden Panettiere, Chace Crawford, Abigail Breslin and the Jonas Brothers, standing around Mickey Mouse as he casts a green light over the earth, which makes solar powered cars and wind turbines appear.

Jeffery Dread with his favorite piece, "The Disney Teen Green Team"

When asked about this image, Jeffery said that Mickey Mouse has become a symbol of youthful innocence, purity and happiness in our culture, almost to the point that he possesses superhero characteristics. Disneyland is “the happiest place on earth,” so in “Disney Teen Green Team,” Mickey has the power to enhance and heal by introducing environmentally friendly tools to the “real” world he reigns over.

Other pieces included charitable celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, who not only resides as Global Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee, but who also visits underprivileged communities, war refugees and orphanages around the world to provide support. Another familiar face in Jeffery’s art is Oprah Winfrey. As founder of the Angel Network and the Learning Academy for Girls in South Africa, as well as participant in organizations ranging from animal rescue to women’s rights, Oprah is considered the most philanthropic African American woman of all time. Al Gore’s humanitarian work centers around his fight for environmental awareness, which includes founding the Alliance for Climate Protection, writing An Inconvenient Truth and being the driving force behind Live Earth. If you take a closer look at Human Footprints, you will also find Johnny Carson, George Bush, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bono, among many others.

"Always an Alternative" shows Angelina Jolie and Leo DiCaprio on the left and George Bush and Dick Cheney on the right

Jeffery says, “Humans are constantly evolving, so we need to embrace the change as a tool for enhancement not destruction.” Because art is Jeffery’s chosen tool, he is donating a portion of the sales from Human Footprints to the Millennium Villages Project, which helps over 72,000 children in Haiti, Jeffery’s homeland.

Jeffery Dread’s Human Footprints: The Impact will be on exhibit at the Trigg Ison Fine Art Gallery September 19th – 30th:

Trigg Ison Fine Art Gallery

511 North Robertson Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90048
(310) 274-8047

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