Jeannie Deva Review - The Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD

Jeannie Deva Vocal Warm-Ups - It can save your voice!

How important are vocal warm-ups? Ask yourself this: Would a professional athlete ever enter a competition or game without warming up? Not likely, so why not warm-up your vocal muscles before performing or rehearsal. Jeannie Deva--a leader in vocal training treats her clients like sports figures and has the knowledge that makes her separate from all the rest. With over 30 years of training and experience, she knows what she’s talking about and after trying her Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up, I’m on my way to becoming a vocal athlete. I pop my Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD in my car and warm up as I’m driving to an audition, as well as at home while I'm doing chores--or in the shower. But if you don’t want to use her CD, you can also download these great warm-ups from her website and then download them to your mp3.

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Since I’ve been using the Deva Warm-up technique, I have been strengthening my vocal instrument, but more importantly, my singing has improved and my voice doesn't crack as I try to hit the higher notes.  So if you’re a closet singer or want to become a singer and stress free your life, get the right tools to help you: Start out slowly with the basics and condition your vocals. If you do this, you will see an improvement in your singing and in you’re life with the Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD.

Now if you are a professional singer, the Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD will prepare you for your gig or rehearsal. In the first half of the CD, Jeannie Deva explains slowly and carefully how to correctly perform the warm-ups to prepare you for the second half of the warm-up routine. You will sail into the first song in your best form, with throat muscles relaxed and your voice feeling free and resonant! You must treat your vocal instrument as you would after a physical workout. So when you've completed a presentation, rehearsing, or a gig, use the Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD for a voice saving cool-down. Remember! If you treat your vocal instrument right, it will treat you right and you will perform at the greatest level!

Jeannie Deva in concert 09/07 - Celebrity Centre International

Even though there may be days where your voice is perfect, while other days you may experience cracking and straining on the higher notes. The Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD will condition and warm-up your vocals to prevent harming your throat. Furthermore, Jeannie Deva’s web site has many useful articles that will help your throat and improve the resonance of your voice such as tongue and throat tension, over blow, using more force and effort to hit higher notes, thus, correcting poor habits.

Every athlete and every singer should have a warm up routine to perform at their best as well as anyone who uses there voice frequently in everyday speaking or as a public speaker. The Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD will improve your voice and take away those pre-performance jitters or just a sore throat from talking too much.  

The Deva Method Vocal Warm-Up CD could save your voice, too. It has helped my voice to speak without tiring and has improved my singing a great deal. But most of all, I'm so glad that I no longer have to force my lyrics out while singing!

Total Time: 52.17
Number of Tracks: 22
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