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Introducing Anat Ronen- Houston Muralist and Digital Artist

By Jenny LaFleur

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Anat Ronen never expected to become an artist. She was born and raised in Israel. She and her husband both worked in business for many years, it wasn’t until they were both 35 years old that they decided it was time to make a big change. They moved to the United States so Anat could persue her passion, art.

Anat explains, “Never in wildest dreams did I think I was going to make a living out of art. At some point my husband and I decided it was time to try something really different, so we moved to United States.”

She now lives in Houston with her family on an O-1 Visa, which is given to artists, actors, and those expetionally talented in a creative field. She works as a muralist as well as a web and graphic designer. She is a contract artist who will strive to make your vision an artistic reality.

Anat has never had any professional training, yet she is an incredibly skilled artist with intrinsic talent, and an eye for aesthetic. Working as a business professional has given her a unique perspective on what kind of artistic display can help your business grow and prosper.

She explains, “I had a full life doing something else, I do have experience with how the real world works. Because I was on the business side I think about how to commercially enhance a business with art. I make sure that whatever I paint or wherever I paint that it adds to the business.”

She enjoys the planning of the project as much as the execution. She explains to me that to get a huge project done as quickly as possible she relies on her business savvy, making a plan that takes into consideration all aspects, such as, what the weather is like in the area when deciding what type of paints to use. According to Anat, “It is the design phase that really makes an impact. It’s the marriage between the execution and the design.”

For Anat, the decision to abandon the world of big business and tackle her creative impulses was the best thing she could have done. She tells me, “I would like to continue making a living and provide for me family with my art, I want to continue living here. America is a great place to live. My main goal is to continue learning and continue doing that through what I love, art.”

She finds inspiration for her art in every aspect of her life. She tells me, “Everybody and everything inspires me. Walking outside is my inspiration, anything non-art, inspires me to make it into art.”

As a completely self-taught artist, Anat is constantly evolving and expanding. Her adaptability makes her the perfect contract artist, as she is open and willing to try anything new.

For more information on Anat, or to contract her for work please visit http://www.anatronen.com

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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