How To Become A Magnet To Hollywood Success

Rock Riddle and Michele Blood

Michele Blood, a world renown motivational speaker and singer and Rock Riddle, founder of APS, a Hollywood networking group, have put together a comprehensive and unique book about creating success in Hollywood. Information and motivation are the hallmarks of success, according to this 504-page book, "How To Become A Magnet To Hollywood Success", which includes interviews with the world's top producers, directors, casting agents and award-winning actors.  A metaphysical inspiration with the guidelines for navigating your way to success in all facets of Hollywood.

Michele reflects that 'Hollywood is renown worldwide for breaking hearts and destroying dreams. Still, hundreds of thousands arrive at its door hoping Hollywood will hear the knock and open wide. Actors, writers, and entertainers have no choice; they must express their creative talents. Otherwise, they begin to wither and die. Artists are dying of broken hearts in Hollywood and it's not just in Hollywood this is all over the world, every day. Thousands give up every week. They give up their passion, their dreams, and some even give up their lives. Many suicides could have been prevented if these people had help. Now at last, that support is here, as a shift -- an awakening -- takes place in Hollywood. Is Hollywood finally finding it's heart?'

Two people who think it is are Michele Blood and Rock Riddle. They realize the urgency to help save actors and the entertainment industry from this negative dilemma. These two visionaries felt compelled to create a revolutionary support system in a powerful book to empower these wonderful artistic individuals and save them from the 'old Hollywood' that would simply 'chew them up and spit them out'.

At their first meeting in 2003, Rock Riddle and Michele Blood realized that they shared the same passion that of helping others achieve success. They decided to synergistically combine their life missions by creating the 'How To Become A Magnet To Hollywood Success' Book and an accompanying DVD system.

While Blood's gift is unlocking the underlying psychological and spiritual workings of our consciousness, she has also been in the entertainment industry professionally since the age of 6 and Riddle teaches actors the 'nuts and bolts' of how to find, secure, and keep landing work. "This industry is one of the most difficult in which to find success. Most information is mis-information," explains Riddle, "so we are taking the absolute truth to these people. Not only will they know exactly what to expect in Hollywood and how to succeed here, they will also know how to create their own lives through the power of their own mind and how to keep their hearts open so that their creativity is nurtured and strengthened."

Could this be the secret you've been searching for?

The combined experience of Riddle's 25+ years of professional experience in Hollywood and Blood's world-renowned teachings and many books and products about how to create your own realty through her psychological discovery MusiVation™ is the powerful combination that has created this revolutionary book.

Many other industry leaders are also involved in bringing more heart to Hollywood and have assisted Rock and Michele with their big mission. These include Stephen Simon, producer of 'What Dreams May Come' and the recent 'Indigo'; Mark Vicente, director of 'What the Bleep' and many others. Blood says 'It is so important that others understand they can create their own dreams into reality without always requiring the support of major studios. Stephen and Mark have done this with their amazing films. Plus, their films are all about spirituality and inspirational messages. Even Paul A. Brown has decided to bring his new metaphysical rock ballet to LA rather than New York. There is a new paradigm happening in the film and television industry. A quickening of spiritual awareness and heart is taking place in Hollywood'.

By accessing both the practical, psychological and metaphysical aspects of the psyche, the newly completed "How to Become a Magnet to Hollywood Success" book propels actors to immediate result-producing action. The first actors to use the book have already found that Hollywood's heart is lined with love and gold.

Actress Masiela Lusha, who stars as "Carmen" on the hit TV Series "George Lopez" says, "Without Rock Riddle none of this would have happened." Lusha is one of hundreds of actors who secured starring, co-starring, or principal roles in film and television through Rock's teaching, guidance, and advice.

Michele Blood has authored over 45 books and programs on success, the mind and metaphysics, and created the psychological discovery MusiVation™. She also created the world's first positive Success TV show on the Internet -- which enjoys distribution in over 60 countries. Blood is a sought after transformational speaker and has shared the stage with many other great authors including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Stuart Wilde and Bob Proctor.

Rock Riddle possesses priceless practical knowledge of Hollywood as evidenced by his 100,000+ hours of professional experience as talent agency co-owner, personal manager, producer, casting director, stunt person, talk show host, film and television actor, and President of APS Entertainment for over 25 years.

The "How to Become a Magnet to Hollywood Success" book is dedicated to launching actors straight to the heart of the industry. Will Hollywood ever be the same?

"Be A Magnet To Hollywood Success" is available at and To discover more of the Michele Blood's wonderful works, go to:

If interested in doing more networking, you can check out Rock Riddle and APS at:

or call (323) 462-2777.


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