Book Expo America 2010 Opens in New York City


BookExpo America, or “BEA” as it’s called in the trade, North America’s largest annual gathering of book trade professionals takes place again this year at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.  Organized with the support of association partners including the Association of American Publishers (AAP)and the American Booksellers Association (ABA), the event begins on Monday, May 24 with the very first BEA “DIY” publishing event, and continues through Thursday, May 27th.  It is an educational and networking opportunity for booksellers and is well known for the media attention it brings to newly breaking books.

Jacob Javitz Center readied for Book Expo America attendees

This year’s event includes over 2,000 exhibits, 500 author appearances and signings, and over 100 conference sessions for book sellers and publishers.  If one is involved in the book publishing industry, this is a “must not miss” event.  If one is an author and aspires to publish independently, this year's show is also a "must not miss" given that the preceding event is a special DIY ("Do It Yourself") show for independent publishers.

Independent publishing guru Dan Poynter and a friend in the press room

An opening BEa press conference will be offered on Wednesday, May26th, the official first day of the Exhibit Hall portion of the Show, and Show Manager Steven Rosato, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of American Publishers, Tom Allen, and Chief Executive Officer of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), Oren Teicher will take questions.

Not ever to be outdone insofar as keeping this Show as great as it can possibly be, the organizers have again teamed up  with Above the Treeline, a leading provider of “business intelligence tools” to the publishing community, to create an online catalogue of new titles on exhibit at BEA this year.  [email protected],” as the online catalogue is called, is created using “Edelweiss,” a new internet-based service that supplements or replaces traditional print catalogues.  Launched at last year’s Show, Edelweiss has enjoyed wide-spread adoption within the publishing community and is now comprised of some 350 active catalogues containing more than 30,000 titles from some 600 publishers.

With features such as keyword search, interior images, Twitter and blog tracking, title tags, and others, producers claim Edelweiss goes far beyond simple posted PDF's.  It’s free, by the way, to retailers, librarians, academics, and other catalog readers at

Jacob Javitz Center readied for Book Expo America attendees

As “teaser” to the Show, just let me say that there will be, as always, something for every interest, including the following:

-The Overlook Press/Peter Mayer Publishers, Inc. (Booth #3552) is orchestrating a book signing on Thursday, May 27th for former New Jerseyan P.F. Kluge. A long-time teacher and writer in residence at Kenyon College in Ohio, Kluge will debut his newest novel, “A Call from Jersey.”   Kluge's most known for his book "Eddie and the Cruisers," which was made into a film.  Fans will be grateful for this new work.  (

-Sourcebooks (Booth 3459) a leading independent publishing house and  the largest woman-owned book publisher in the United States, will feature their fall 2010 lineup of authors and titles, including signings by Ken Cordy, executive producer of Days of Our Lives (signing his memoir) and Len Berman, Emmy-winning sportscaster (signing his current title and promoting his upcoming release *25 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time.*  They’ll also be introducing and promoting bestselling author and Grammy nominee Nikki Giovanni’s "100 Best African American Poems."

For Women:                                                                                       -Harlequin Books (Booth 3922/3923) (now no longer “just” the producers of multi-million dollar bodice ripper titles) will be debuting its line of nonfiction, including what looks like an outstanding title:  “Queen of Your Own Life: the Grown-Up Woman's Guide to Claiming Happiness and Getting the Life You Deserve,” penned by Kathy Kinney, well-loved star of the Drew Carey Show, with Cindy Ratzlaff.  These gals are starting a self-esteem boosting movement for women over 40 which will include what I anticipate will be a robust and long-standing season of women gathering for what is called “crowning” parties.  Look for this!

For Foodies:
-Red Rock Press (Booth 3146) will be enticing the BEA crowd with their beautiful cookbook titles- including one that is related to First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House garden- and also with foods produced from some of the recipes.  "A White House Garden Cookbook:  Healthy Ideas from the First Family for Your Family" contains, contains as the publishers put it, “four-score and seven recipes from First Kitchens… (Martha Washington to Michelle Obama) and many from community gardens across the nation.” This title will be featured on Wednesday morning, May 26th.  Author Clara Silverstein and youth volunteers from the New York Botanical Garden will be on hand to talk food and also serve up samples.   Esteemed bookbook author and two time James Beard Award winner Judith Choate will be on hand later that day to talk about her new book *A Readers Cookbook.”  (Note:  samples will be involved, including those of the confectionary variety…)  On Thursday, May 27th, Red Rock Press also promises to stir up interest with an international dining contest in conjunction with an appearance by author Nan Lyons who will present her new, “glasses-free” 3D-cover book entitled "Around the World in Eighty Meals." This cookbook is based on the beloved “Around the World in Eighty Days” and features 80 amazing recipes celebrating the author’s travel writing life.

For Crafters:
-Interweave Books (Booth #4113 with Perseus Books) will be introducing their forthcoming Summer-Winter 2010 Art & Craft books at the Show.  Interweave is considered “the” premier publisher of art and craft books (knitting, crochet, weaving, and couture apparel design and construction), known for high quality design that includes not only stunning photography but also detailed instruction. 

For Music Fans:
-Omnibus Press (Booth 26335) will be unveiling their biographies of legends like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Lady Gaga- plus their "This Day in Music" (a 50 year retrospective of momentous musical events).  Ramones tour manager Monte Melnick will be there on Wednesday, May 26 from noon to 2:00 p.m. to greet fans.

For Parents and Child Care Providers:
-Perseus Book Group (Booth 4214) will present their children’s book author and parenting problem solver, Joy Berry who will host “Ask Joy Berry” hour on Wednesday, May 25th at 3:00 p.m.  Berry has written over 250 books, sold 85 million world-wide, and is an expert on the kinds of behavioral challenges children face these days, including how to behave in restaurants, facing bullies, and staying safe at home and out in public. 
For Tattoo Enthusiasts:
-The Guinness World Records group (Booth 3762) will debut its 2011 edition of its usual and customary collection of “global feats and inspirational attainments and also provide on Wednesday and Thursday mornings what looks like a possible veritable freak show (they call a “great photo and interview opportunity”) with Julia Gnuse, the “Most Tattooed woman” in the world.  Since 1991, Gnuse has reportedly covered 95% of her body with tattoos.  Yes, who needs Jesse’ James’ Michelle when we have this gal who is inked, as they say, “from head to toe.”  GWR will also debut their “Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips application that is available for Apple’s iPad.

And speaking of Apple and "app's," Book Expo America, itself, has a downloadable app for show attendees to use on their hand-held devices, too.  Ain't technology great?

This is just scratching the surface of what will be in store for BEA attendees.  Looking forward to reporting back on these events and the myriad of others to be discovered.

M. D. Caprario is an author, editor and journalist working in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, covering for the media good things in the publishing, film and entertainment industries- and also good things aiming to change our World for the better.  Reach her at [email protected].


Text and photos copyright 2010 M.D. Caprario


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