A Celebration of Jewish Books - A Week Long Event

Celebration of Books - Sarah Silverman

Books can take us to worlds that we have never been.  They expand our horizons, awaken our imaginations and and educate us about life beyond our own scope.   They allow us to interpret new and existing ideas any way we chose.  

No matter what their format, books transport us with tales that both similar and different from our own.  

  American Jewish University’s Fourth Annual Celebration of Jewish Books is an opportunity to engage in different perspectives on the modern Jewish experience.  During the course of the week November 8th – 12th, you’ll be welcome to meet important Jewish personalities and discuss the causes that spark the hot topics of the community. Sometimes, these topics will push the buttons that most need to be pushed.  

Beginning with Monday, November 8th, we will meet Sarah Silverman. Well known for her biting comedy, Sarah will discuss her book Bedwetter, a tale that tells us where it all began for her.  Moderated by Teresa Strasser of the Jewish Journal, we’ll learn how Sarah, patient sitting in the waiting room, survived, at the age of 13, the hanging death of her psychiatrist and then had to wait another hour for her ride home.  

Celebration of Books - Naomi Ragen

Wry and biting, Silverman’s autobiography offers honest insight on how an usually hairy girl from goyish New Hampshire overcame bedwetting and clinical depression to win an Emmy and get her own show.  Her poignant stories will educate an enlighten you.  Cost for that evening, which includes a copy of the book, is $35.  

On November 9th, one of my favorite authors, Naomi Ragan, presents her new novel, The Tenth Song.  This Brooklyn born novelist and playwright first gained international notoriety for exposing the darker side of patriarchal Orthodoxy.  Telling a mesmerizing tale of wife abuse, adultery and rape, the Tenth Song is Naomi’s 8th novel.  Cost for this evening is $20.  

Celebration of Books - Rabbi Harold Kushner

Celebrating 30 years since it was first published, Rabbi Harold Kushner’s When Bad Things Happen to Good People, will be presented in an engaging lively discussion with Nashuva founder, Rabbi Naomi Levy; AJU’s Rabbi Bradley Artson, and moderated by Sinai Temple’s Rabbi David Wolpe.  Kushner’s book argues that God is not responsible for our tragedies.  The panelists, united by their own histories of loss, trauma and coping mechanisms, will address how to effectively deal with events.   Cost for this evening, November 10th,  is $20.  

On Thursday, November 11th, 2010, best selling author and octogenarian, Judith Viorst, entertains with tales of memory loss, dating a younger man (78).  Come with your girlfriends and join for a night of wine as she discussed Unexpectedly Eighty.  Moderated by Susan Freudenheim, the cost is $20.  

Celebration of Books - Mosab Hassan Yousef

Friday’s guest speaker, Mosab Hassan Youself, a Son of Hamas, talks about growing up in Ramallah’s anti –Israeli atmosphere until 1997.  When, seeing that Hamas tortured civilians,  he switched sides and helped foil dozens of assassination attempts and suicide bombings. Granted asylum, he denounced Hamas. This Shabbat dinner guest, interviewed by Dr.Robert Wexler, will make the evening unforgettable.  Cost, including the Shabbat dinner, is $45.  

For more information go to www.ajula.edu/cjb or call 310 440 1246.  The campus is located at 15600 Mullholland Dr in Bel Air 90077. 

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