A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness

By virtue of you reading this, one can deduce the presence of a functioning, healthy mind.  But do you understand how your brain actually works?  And how can investigations of specific brain disorders shed light on the workings of a "healthy" mind like yours?

In his latest book, A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness, noted doctor and neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran takes us on a journey through the strangest place in the natural world - the human mind.

A Brief Tour provides an accessible, lighthearted and thoroughly enjoyable look into the mysteries of human consciousness.  Ramachandran's knack for presenting qualified research in an entertaining manner is evident by a quick glance at the book's subtitle, "from Imposter Poodles to Purple numbers."

While candidly exploring our preconceptions in thought, both old and new, and taking into account the relevant and irreverent behaviors of humans, A Brief Tour tells us that the analysis of such exploration leans heavily toward the conclusion that learning more about what makes us abnormal will teach us infinitely more about what is normal.

"Although the studies on patients are intriguing in themselves, our real agenda here is to understand how the normal brain works," he writes.

"It is my belief that such a deeper understanding of the brain will have a profound impact not just on the sciences but on the humanities as well."

V.S. Ramachandran is the Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego.  Newsweek recently named him a member of "The Century Club," one of the hundred most prominent people to watch in the twenty-first century.  His first book, Phantoms in the Brain, is critically acclaimed.

A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness:  From Imposter Poodles to Purple Numbers is available at Amazon.com and bookstores everywhere.

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