7th Annual Artisan Series with Russell Simmons and Bombay Sapphire – Showcasing Art Work of Emerging Artists

The 7th Annual Artisan Series was hosted by Russell Simmons showcasing the art work of 20-30 emerging artists from their hometowns to participate in the Artisan Series Grand Finale along with talented artists during Art Basel Miami.

Beautiful Artisan Painting (photo credit Sanjini)

The Artisan Series was launched in 2010 and is a collaboration between Russell and Danny Simmons’ RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Bombay Sapphire Gin. It is focused on fostering emerging artists from diverse and multicultural backgrounds. Each year only a handful of finalists are selected from online submissions and local gallery events. The art work chosen and displayed was a combination of colorful paintings, sculptures, an interactive art piece and drawings.   

Beautiful Artisan Painting (photo credit Sanjini)

Sculpture Art Piece (photo credit Sanjini)

Sculpture Art Piece (photo credit Sanjini)

Sculpture Art Piece (photo credit Sanjini)

Bombay Sapphire cocktails and canapés were served in abundance.

Delicious watermelon topped with fresh ginger bits (photo credit Sanjini)

Delicious Canape of mini vegan tacos (photo credit Sanjini)

Rude Calderon was one of the artists selected with his creative stone sculpture. He has spent 15 years exploring this medium. His works have been widely exhibited across Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Los Angeles, Alaska, Texas, Arizona, Russia, Germany, etc.

Rude Calderon and his Stone Sculpture (photo credit Sanjini)

Seth Brayer’s stunning art piece, Simply Sapphire: Melted Not Stirred was announced as the Winner. This beautiful piece was made of beer bottles, other bottles and of course Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles.

Winner Seth Brayer's "Simply Sapphire:Melted Not Stirred" art piece (photo credit Sanjini)

My interest in art is that I worked as an art model for many years and I have always been around many artists. My film “Portrait of a Nude Art Model” is based on my experiences working in the art world. I have always been interested in the art world, artists of all levels and their artwork and creativity. I have also traveled and been to the best museums and art galleries in the world, from Paris, to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, etc. So I value philanthropic foundations that give opportunities to local communities of artists.

Sanjini (photo credit Rude Calderon)

Sanjini is an actress, film maker, writer, martial artist. Her films “Portrait of a Nude Art Model”, “Motel Patel”, “Eye of the Empress” series can be seen on Vimeo and You Tube.           



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