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BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition smartphone

BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition smartphone

For the Globetrotting Dad, Verizon Wireless new BlackBerry' 8830 World Edition smartphone and Global BlackBerry service will keep dad "always connected" with easy access to e-mail, contacts, calendar, organizer and the Web when he is traveling. Plus, this phone provides the convenience of one local number for domestic and international use in over 160 countries in Europe, parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North America, as well as in Australia.

Website: www.verizonwireless.com

Hitachi P50H401 HD 1080 Plasma HDTV

Hitachi P50H401 HD 1080 Plasma HDTV

Hitachi's more than 50 years of TV experience, manufacturing and image refinement come together in the 50" HD1080 Plasma HDTV. Hitachi uses proprietary technology to redefine High Definition, providing outstanding picture quality regardless of input type or resolution format. It's sleek cosmetic design and slim bottom speaker help the 50" panel stand out for style as well as picture quality. The Hitachi 50" HD1080 Plasma HDTV is Accessible Luxury.

G'zOne Type-S

G'zOne Type-S

For the Outdoors Dad, Verizon Wireless GzOne Type-S handset will provide reliable performance for customers with outdoor lifestyles. This phone complies with Military Standards specifications for Water Resistance, Humidity, Shock and Dust while offering a streamlined form factor and Bluetooth® capabilities, making it a rugged outdoor communications tool. The GzOne Type-S is available exclusively through Verizon Wireless.

Website: www.verizonwireless.com


Desktop Migrator

CA Desktop DNA Migrator 2007. Did Dad recently get a new PC loaded with Microsoft's Vista operating system? He may be struggling on how best to transfer all his data from his old computer to his new one. To alleviate this, security leader CA offers Desktop DNA Migrator 2007 for the quickest and easiest way to transfer and safeguard Dads old PC's DNA - data, settings and preferences - to his one. For just $39.99, Desktop DNA Migrator will automatically span DNA files to the size of a CD-ROM and place the files in a folder on your Dad's desktop for easy movement to a CD-ROM, DVD, or other removable media. It's the perfect gift for your high- or low-tech Dad, since the software is so easy to use. Order online from CA's Web site at the following link. http://shop.ca.com/pc_migration/file_transfer.aspx

Quick & Easy Computer Support for Dad


Quick & Easy Computer Support for Dad. This year give your dad the most precious gift of all: More time with the family. Let him enjoy his free time rather than stressing over tedious computer issues. support.com is a break-through consumer service enabling tech experts to fix problems such as slow computer or virus infestation remotely, saving precious time for dad so he can be with the family instead of trying to become a tech expert himself. In addition, support.com's patented software makes the diagnosis and repair process easier there is no need for consumers to try to explain the problem over and over or to go through an extensive list of questions. The service is inexpensive (starting at $29) and can also help dad get the most out of his new digital cameras or MP3 players. For more information visit www.support.com or call 1-800-PC-SUPPORT.


Craftsman Fingerprint Garage Door Opener


New! Craftsman Fingerprint Garage Door Opener: The new wireless Fingerprint Garage Door Opener uses fingerprint recognition technology to open your garage door easily. With no pins or passwords, the opener only recognizes fingerprints you program into it, making it extra secure and especially great for families with children. Model Number: 53555 Regular Price: $99 Availability: Now available at Sears and http://www.craftsman.com/







SmugMug: Father's Day is just around the corner. Rather than get dad a tie or some crazy new gadget for his day, why not get him something with sentimental meaning? Photographs last a life time. We all have them scattered around our houses, so how can you turn them into that perfect gift? www.SmugMug.com, an online digital photo-sharing Web site offers creative ways to make photos into durable and lasting gifts.



GEORGE is an iPod sound system that combines digital music playback, a fully-featured wireless remote that provides complete control, AMFM radio and alarm. Its detachable control panel functions as a wireless remote control that fully replicates the iPod interface, so you can browse music from throughout the house. GEORGE goes further, making it easy to search through your playlist of thousands of tunes in moments. GEORGE brings 21st century technology to a compact sound system for the first time. No other system rivals GEORGE's Balanced Sonics With its five internal speakers, GEORGE creates rich, nuanced, studio-quality sound. Michael Gartenberg from Jupiter Research called it "the new standard to beat in iPod docks." GEORGE was awarded MacWorld Best of Show 2007 for its elegant design, intuitive, iPod style remote control and studio-quality sonics packed into a table-top unit.

Website: www.chillsound.com

Ativa 8GB Executive Flash Drive

Ativa 8GB Executive Flash Drive Retail Price: $149.99 The Ativa 8GB Executive Flash Drive has an extra large capacity, allowing you to store a wide number of documents, presentations and images. In fact, with the ability to store up to 322,000 pages of text (almost 640 reams of paper) or hundreds of photos the Ativa Executive Flash Drive is one of the largest flash drives on the market. This product is available exclusively at Office Depot store or online at www.officedepot.com.


Sony HDR-SR5 HD Handycam Camcorder

Sony HDR-SR5 HD Handycam Camcorder

Sony HDR-SR5 HD Handycam Camcorder This camcorder allows you to switch between video modes to capture video in HD or SD (standard definition) on the built-in 40GB hard drive. I t also features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens and the 10x optical/80x digital zoom. Dad can even use the Dual Record Mode to capture still images at the same time as shooting video. MSRP: $1,099.99


CyberShot W200 Digital Camera

CyberShot W200 Digital Camera

CyberShot W200 Digital Camera: The DSC-W200 has 12.1 MP resolution with high sensitivity for shooting without a flash even in very low light. Super SteadyShot image stabilization keeps blur to a minimum, and advanced high-tech features like Face Detection, D-range optimization, and in-camera retouching and red-eye reduction help bring out the best in every shot. HD (high definition) output lets dads share memories in on compatible HDTV screens. MSRP: $399.00



CoPilot Live

CoPilot Live CoPilot Live, manufactured by ALK Technologies, makes getting anywhere easy and stress-free. CoPilots voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions get you where you need to be. Directions are constantly updated, and automatic route recalculation means missing a turn is not a big deal. CoPilot will navigate a new way for you to get to your point of arrival. Customizable routes allow you to choose how you get where you want to go. CoPilot also allows you to avoid traffic and tolls!


Memorex Poker Chip Flash Drive

Memorex Poker Chip Flash Drive

Memorex Poker Chip Flash Drive The Memorex Poker Chip Flash Drive features 1GB of capacity to store photos, video, MP3 files and other data, as well as software for Dad to play Texas Holdem right from his PC. It even looks like an actual poker chip. And since he's gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em, a blue LED light indicates when the drive is accessing data so he always knows when it's working. It is the perfect gift for card sharks everywhere to transfer and access digital files between home, the office or anywhere in-between. The Memorex Poker Chip Flash Drive is available at Target stores nationwide for $34.99.

Vonage V-Phone


Vonage V-Phone The V-phone turns any PC into a fully functioning Vonage telephone. It is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the V-Phone into any USB port, plug the earpiece microphone into the side of the V-Phone and you are ready to make and receive calls. Remove the drive when you are done, and the phone and important contact information goes with you. The Vonage V-Phone is perfect for people on the go, especially busy fathers and business travelers, because it's easily pocket able at 3 inches long and conveniently fits on a keychain. Combined with Vonage's unlimited long distance calling and flat-rate monthly plan, this makes an ideal cell phone alternative for dads on the go or anyone who wants to take their landline with them wherever they travel -- not to mention Vonage's other cool features like MP3 voicemails that can be sent to e-mail, and "Click-2-Call" on a PC or laptop (click any phone number on your screen and the V-Phone calls it for you).


Envision G918w1 comes Windows Vista Premium-ready 

Envision G918w1

Envision G918w1 comes Windows Vista Premium-ready Built to maximize screen space for Windows Vista Premium's Sidebar feature, the new Envision 19-inch G918w1 meets Microsoft's strict standards for Windows Vista certification, leaving plenty of room for viewing multiple applications simultaneously. The widescreen format also takes advantage of Windows Vista Premium's Aero Flip, allowing users to save time by easily navigating between multiple windows open at one time. Equipped with the Digital Video Input wHDCP interface needed to 'unlock' protected HD content 'the Envision G918w1 allows high-quality audio and video playback from the latest high-definition program sources, including HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVDs. For maximum versatility, the unit also delivers HD 720P1080i compatibility allowing it to display digital TV programming delivered by Cable, Satellite and other Set Top Boxes equipped with DVI-HDCP. The unit has a suggested retail price of $219 and is available through leading national retailers and select online outlets.

NOTION Music's composition software: PROTEGE

NOTION Music's composition software: PROTEGE TURN THAT MUSIC maybe your dad will never understand the 'noise' your favorite band is making, but it does not mean he was not into a little rock and roll himself at one time. This father's day, give your dad a way to re-create those sweet sounds from back in the day or come up with his own masterpiece with NOTION's PROTEGE The software, which incorporates more than 100,000 sounds from the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, will let the big guy create his own euphonic tunes as well as foster his appreciation for all types of music' orchestral, jazz and rock. In turn, perhaps it will help create a common ground for both of your musical tastes. June 17, allow PROTEGE to unleash the inner Beethoven or Beatle in that businessman. You may find that his necktie and 9-5 job is simply a facade.



Socket Pocket

Socket Pocket One of the newest PerfectCurve products, the Socket Pocket allows you to store an electronic item while charging it. This unique storage unit gives consumers a save and organized place to keep their cell phones, ipods or any small electronic device while its charging. Instead of stepping over it or constantly moving it off of the table, the Socket Pocket allows you to safely store away your electronic devices directly next to the wall outlet.



Digital Picture Frames

Smartparts Digital Picture Frames

Digital Picture Frames: Smartparts, Inc., a manufacturer of digital picture frames, announced that its new 15-inch frame is available for Father's Day. Easy to use, the frame stores up to 2,000 images and no computer is necessary. Suggested retail price is $299.00 To automatically display photos, insert the memory card from a digital camera into the frame's built-in card reader. For photos on a computer's hard drive, Smartparts' innovative OptiPix™ Pro software finds, optimizes and transfers pictures to the frame. Compatible with standard memory cards, the frame's features include: 256 MB internal memory High Definition LCD screen with XGA (1024 x 768) resolution; for unprecedented quality 24 bit display, showing 16.7 million colors MP3 player and built-in speakers Remote control Solid birch frame AC adapter and USB cable Retailers carrying the 15-inch frame include Circuit City, Staples and B&H Photo; and online at circuitcity.com and staples.com.


G-Tech Smart Fabric Wireless Keyboard

G-Tech Smart Fabric Wireless Keyboard

G-Tech Smart Fabric Wireless Keyboard: The G-Tech wireless keyboard, using ElekTex® smart fabric controls, delivers all the capabilities of the office keyboard in an ultra-portable and compact package. Compatible with popular devices from BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, and Microsoft, the G-Tech wireless keyboard offers the convenience of a full-size keyboard, yet is lightweight and small enough to fit in a pocket or the smallest briefcase for maximum portability. The keyboard increases user productivity by augmenting the small thumb pads currently used for data entry in smart phones and many other handheld devices. The G-Tech wireless keyboard is waterproof and has no mechanical parts, ensuring extreme durability. It combines the familiar functionality and layout of a traditional keyboard with a greater degree of portability, making it ideal for both sophisticated and novice handheld device users. The G-Tech wireless keyboard can be purchased for $129.99 online and at select Red Envelope stores.


Sony HDR-CX7 Handycam Camcorde

Sony HDR-CX7 Handycam Camcorde

Sony HDR-CX7 Handycam Camcorde: For the first time ever, dad can record high definition directly to Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media. This style is compact and lightweight; it features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens and Super SteadyShot optical image stabilization for sharp high definition video. The 2.7" Clear Photo LCD Plus™ display, featuring touch panel SwivelScreen™ technology, makes it simple to view what you're recording, at almost any angle. MSRP: $1,199.99




Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony PlayStation Portable: Forget ties, cuff links and shaving kits' this year, give your on-the-go Dad a real treat his very own Sony PlayStation Portable. The PSP is the perfect mobile entertainment device for gaming, listening to MP3s, watching UMD movies, checking RSS feeds, surfing the Net and more. In addition, a recent partnership with T-mobile enables PSP users to take advantage of six months free WiFi at any T-Mobile hotspot found in airports and Starbuck's coffee locations. This April, the PSP price was dropped to $169.99, so the ultimate in portable entertainment is more affordable than ever.


The Tornado™Innovate Data Transfer Device

The Tornado Innovate Data

Th e Tornado™Innovate Data Transfer Device: The Tornado, a data transfer device, gets info from one computer to another. You used to have to call the Geek Squad or buy expensive software then load it and while you read the manual over and over. The Tornado™ (from Data Drive Thru™) is the newest, fastest and easiest way to move files between PCs. This innovative data transfer device won Yahoo Tech's Last Gadget Standing at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Just plug in the USB plugs into two PCs, and all the software and drivers' auto load and autorun so it automatically displays the entire contents of each PC on one monitor enabling the user to quickly drag-n-drop their files, file folders and even entire directories from one machine to the other. The Tornado actually has the software built into the device. You can transfer the entire contents of a computer to another in less time than it takes to download comparable software.



Green Electronics, providing electronics consumers with better choices for a better planet
Founded in 2007, Green Electronics is one of the best online sources to find and buy the most advanced selection of green consumer electronics, computer hardware and alternative energy products from major brand manufacturers to leading edge product innovators. With its proprietary green rating system called GREEN-SCORE™, Green Electronics aims to simplify the shopping experience for consumers and businesses seeking greener electronics options.



iPod Dock

iPod Dock: iPort has a fascinating product designed to integrate any iPod™ model with a dock connector into any home entertainment system whether it's all in one or multi-component. The FS Series is comprised of five models offering a variety of options depending on the configuration of the home entertainment system. The entry-level model relies on direct control of the iPod, with viewing of song, album, artist, and playlist information on the iPod itself. Other FS Series models add integrated pushbutton volume control, an infrared remote-control receiver, audio and video outputs optimized for long cable runs, and integration of control functions with popular touchscreen controllers. All FS Series models offer the convenience of drop-in charging of the iPod, along with one-touch syncing with iTunes® for Mac or Windows. Available in white or black finish, the simple and elegant iPort FS' will integrate easily with any decor.


LeapsterTV Learning System from LeapFrog

Leapster TV Learning System

LeapsterTV Learning System from LeapFrog: The LeapsterTV learning system is the only educational game console complete with stylus and touchpad for developing important pre-writing skills. Compatible with the entire Leapster software library, this premier system also offers a joystick, further revving the excitement that learning brings! Leapster games provide in-depth tutorials and a supporting hint structure that offers better step-by-step assistance through reading, math or spelling concepts.


Customized Family Websites  

Customized Family Websites

Customized Family Websites: Over half of US households now have digital cameras, but two-thirds of those cameras never yield a print. TheFamilyPost.com helps dads get their family memories off their hard drives and onto the Web with their very own customized websites. The result is a single place online where dads can store and share ALL their digital photos, videos, family stories, news and more in a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing environment.
Designed for simplicity and elegance, these professional-looking websites can built from scratch in minutes by even the most novice Internet users thanks to the company's user-friendly web tools. Layouts can be changed instantly with a click of a mouse, and photos can be added straight from your camera or hard drive with a simple drag and drop!  Password-protected and completely ad-free, these high-end sites are like having your own virtual family room in a gated community.


Bluetooth Multimedia 2.01 Speaker

Bluetooth Multimedia 2.1 Speakers: Com One's Bluetooth Multimedia 2.1 Speakers provide 3-D surround-sound for gaming consoles and MP3 players.  Designed to be universally compatible with all Bluetooth A2DP stereo devices and audio sources equipped with a jack (3.5 mm or RCA  audio output connection), the Multimedia 2.1 Speakers are an affordable enhancement for a wireless lifestyle priced at only $119 MSRP. With sleek European styling and sized to easily sit on a desk or table, these speakers are great for dorm rooms, family rooms and offices.  


Microsoft Zune Media Player

Microsoft Zune Media Player

Microsoft Zune Media Player: Zune is afully loaded digital audio and video player with a built-in FM tuner. The 30GB device allows users to share and listen to their favorite songs, view memorable pictures, and check out high-quality videos on a bright and vivid 3-inch LCD screen. The category formerly known as portable entertainment is now connected entertainment. With Zune, it is all about connecting and sharing the experience. In addition to brown, black, pink, and white, this month we just launched the limited edition red Zune, to complement every personal style. Zune is available for $249.99 at many major retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.com.


V-MODA gives your music a new VIBE     

V-Moda Earphones

V-MODA gives your music a new VIBE: V-MODA earphones deliver high quality, accurate sound from any digital music player.  Upgrade your white stock earbuds with the VIBE luxury earphones, from music lifestyle brand V-MODA (www.v-moda.com). VIBE earphones offer the best in sound, comfort and style: Comfort: Weighing in at 12 grams, the lightweight earphones with ultra-soft silicon fittings won't slip during rigorous activities. Fashion: Designed to match the remastered iPod Nano, Zune and other music players. Design: Premium metal composition and superior technology provides a precise balance of rich bass, warm mids and unprecedented clarity Technology: V-MASQUE dynamic driver technology promises a precise yet natural soundstage. BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon) technology reduces outside noise for a rich bass response (frequency 12Hz to 22Hz). The V-MODA VIBE earphones are available for $101 at Sharper Image, Apple Stores, Apple.com and many other retailers.


 Sharpcast Photos Application

Sharpcast Photos Application

Sharpcast Photos Application: Sharpcast Photos is an all-in-one photo organizer that automatically backs up digital pictures online, organizes them into Web albums and shares them instantly between a user's PC's desktops and all other devices. Any changes made in one place will automatically happen everywhere else. Sharpcast Photos delivers this effortless experience for your photo collection. The Photos product also includes unlimited sharing of original photos, group albums and built-in live group photo chat.  


Sony VRD-MC3 DVD burner  

Sony VRD-MC3 DVD burner

Sony VRD-MC3 DVD burner: Any father who owns a digital camera, camcorder or has old, dusty videotapes with home video trapped on them will welcome the opportunity to save and share all those family trips, school plays, and holiday get-togethers. Dad will be thrilled to own one of the hottest gadgets on the market that can make preserving memories easier than ever' Sony's newest member of the DVDirect family, the VRD-MC3 DVD burner.DVDirect isn't your typical DVD burner because, unlike any other, it burns videotaped footage and digital pictures to shiny DVDs without the need for a computer. It simply connects to a camcorder, VCR or digital camera and works with the press of a button. The DVDirect also sports 'computer-free' synchronization with Sony's new Hard Disk Handycam' camcorders making it even more effortless to save those precious memories. The MC3 is available for around $218.



eneloop - ready to use rechargeable battery

eneloop - ready to use rechargeable battery: Developed by SANYO Energy (U.S.A.) Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, eneloop represents the next evolution in batteries.   eneloop proposes a new lifestyle one where a rechargeable battery is used like an alkaline battery and is ready for use immediately after purchase.  Economical and environmentally friendly from the packaging to the battery design, eneloop is reusable with the capacity to be used again and again  up to 1000 times.  SANYO Energy created the eco-friendly eneloop battery as part of its 'Think GAIA' vision and commitment to safeguard the environment by reducing waste while helping to conserve precious natural resources for future generations.  A pioneer in bringing rechargeable to the market, SANYO Energy continues to improve the capabilities and efficiency of rechargeable batteries.  For additional information, please visit eneloopusa.com.  


Toshiba TV Flat and HD DVD

Toshiba TV Flat and HD DVD

Toshiba TV Flat and HD DVD: Toshiba has recently introduced a new lineup of flat panel high-def LCD TVs.  They display the best possible HD picture resolution, have high-def audio and are a very stylish, glossy black.  They are good looking TVs that perform well and would be a nice addition to dad's home theater.  Information and an image is attached. Another option is an HD DVD player.  Toshiba's high-definition DVD players output the best picture quality and even make your old standard-def DVDs look better by up scaling them to a higher resolution.  These too are very stylish looking and would be a great gift for dad.  Also, there have been recent price drops for Father's Day promotions, making this new technology much more affordable.  They are not in the $200-300 range, as opposed to the competitor's players, which are still closer to $700-$1,000.



The Neat Receipt

The Neat Receipt. Is your dad's wallet weighing him down? This Father's Day buy your dad a cool multipurpose digital scanner that will help him become better organized, have less paper clutter, and have a little less back pain. The information on receipts is automatically digitized and categorized with Neat Receipts software for easy personal finance and budget management, and is compatible with other software such as Quicken, Excel, QuickBooks and TurboTax. Come tax time, all of his finances will be in order for effortless tax filing. He can create easy contact lists by scanning all of his business cards he acquires on the road. Dads are also using their Scanalizers to scan and store important legal, financial and medical documents, as well as takeout menus and all those gadget directions and warranties they'll never use! It's small so it can easily be left alongside his computer for easy access. Special Father's Day price.

Website: www.neatreceipts.com

The Reader by Sony

The Reader By SONY

The Reader by Sony is the size and weight as a standard paperback novel but holds approximately 80 books. Its revolutionary electronic ink display can be read in bright sunlight or dimly lit environments. The clarity of the display rivals that of the printed page The Reader's battery can go for days without re-charging, delivering an astonishing 7,500 page turns without a recharge, enough to read the entire Harry Potter series, Moby Dick and War and Peace without worrying about recharging! The Sony Connect online bookstore is packed with more than 13,500 book titles of every genre for purchase and downloads on to the Reader. The Reader can be purchased online at SonyStyle.com or at Sony Style Stores in major shopping centers as well as Borders Bookstores and many national electronics retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, CompuUSA. This summer, any devices registered before July 31 gets 50 free downloads and 50 classics, a $149 value!

Website: http://www.learningcenter.sony.us/assets/itpd/reader/reader_features.html

LetsTalk Father's Day Gifts

LetsTalk Father's Day Gifts

LetsTalk Father's Day Gifts. Does Dad complain about delayed emails on his handheld device? Is it hard to talk with Dad on his way to work because of his carrier's poor reception? On the LetsTalk website, consumers can quickly search by cell phone features, specifications, manufacturer, and service provider to find the best phone for Dad at a better value than most retail stores. LetsTalk also offers exclusive rebates with easy-to-read rebate rules not available in retail stores. To save time, LetsTalk stocks everything in their own facility, so 90% of the orders are shipped the same day the order is processed by the carriers. Free shipping is available on all phones (excluding prepaid phones), accessory orders over $50 and game orders over $100. Can't decide what to get Dad? LetsTalk wireless experts are available to answer questions before or after purchases. With most carriers offering family plans in June, now is the best time to comparison shop.

Website: http://www.letstalk.com/landing/dadgrad_07/index.htm

Ultra Hydra MP3 Player

Ultra Hydra MP3 Player

Ultra Hydra MP3 Player. Ultra Products, a global leader in technology solutions, has launched a new line of water-resistant MP3 players for the budget-conscious consumer. The new Ultra HYDRA water resistant MP3 player comes with 1 or 2GB of memory, a bright, multi-color LCD display, UBS 2.0 Full Speed interface, and included AAA battery. The HYDRA plays MP3, WAV, ACT, and WMA music files, and is perfect as an alternative to the iPod or as a second MP3 player for working out, outdoor activities, camping, or school.

Website: http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_details.php?cPath=33&pPath=532&productID=535


ELP Laser Turntable

ELP Laser Turntable. The ELP Corporation manufactures and sells the world's only Laser Turntable (LT). The LT employs patented technology that uses a set of 5 laser beams to read the analog audio information of vinyl records. Because there is no physical contact with the record, this device allows vinyl enthusiasts to keep their precious collections in pristine condition and enjoy the warm, analog sound the way the music was meant to be heard. You can even scan and pause the record much like a CD.

Website: www.laserturntable.com

The Delphi Premium Sound System

Delphi Premium Sound System. The PSS is a portable audio system for a broad range of XM satellite radio receivers including the Delphi SKYFi3. The PSS boasts deep bass and crystal clear sound quality with a convenient design and carrying handle let you enjoy your favorite XM tunes in the office, on the beach, in the dorm room, camp ground or wherever you please. Available now for $179

Website: http://shopdelphi.com/consumers/satradio/pss/



The Delphi SKYFi 3

Delphi SKYFi 3. The first portable satellite radio to have a removable micro SD card slot & 30 minute pause-replay. It has a 2.8" display that can be oriented vertically or horizontally which is ideal for the car, where 90% of sat radio usage occurs. It stores 10 hours of XM content on internally storage & has a 5 hour rechargeable battery. Having the micro SD card allows the user to combine their own stored content (about 500 MP3s) with fresh XM content. Essentially combining the best parts of an iPod wit the best parts of satellite radio. Available now for $199

Website: http://shopdelphi.com/consumers/satradio/skyfi/skyfi3/

The G-Tech iPod-enabled Backpack

The G-Tech iPod-Enabled BackPack

The G-Tech iPod-enabled Backpack. Geared to mobile, tech-savvy users, the G-Tech Backpack includes an integrated external speaker and provides a space to stash a cell phone and Apple iPod inside and control the iPod from the strap of the bag, eliminating the hassles of fumbling to work the device while on the go. The G-Tech Backpack merges revolutionary technology with functional design, keeping mobile users connected to their devices. In addition to the ElekTex smart fabric controls, the bag features a first of its kind built-in speaker to deliver stereo-quality external sound, for sharing music with friends. A built-in, universal 3.5mm extension jack plugs into virtually any device, including laptops, to route audio through the speaker. Offering handy compartments to store a laptop, iPod, cell phone, and more, the G-Tech Backpack can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $129.00 online and at Microcenter and other major retailers.

Website: www.g-techworld.com


100,000 channels streamed to your smartphone

Mercora - The Next Generation Wireless Music Player

Mercora is the largest social media network in the world powered by the people, for the people. Based on a next-gen Radio 2.0 platform, Mercora gives you browser-based search and on-demand listening to music, podcasts and more from its network of users. And, the new Mercora "M" turns your cell phone into a Wireless Music Player, giving you brilliant CD-quality music over-the-air while you™re on the go. The M lets you remotely access your own digital music, friends' music, and also provides you with more than 100,000 channels of internet radio.
Website: www.mercora.com

Video game subsription website



GameFly is the leading online rental service which allows members to play as many games as they'd like - all without late fees and from the convenience of their home. With a GameFly membership, the recipient can choose from over 4,000 game titles to try and receive by mail. When they are done, they simple drop it in the mail in a pre-paid envelope to receive a new one in a few days.

Website: www.gamefly.com

G-Tech iPod-enabled Messenger Bag and Backpack

G-Tech iPod-enabled Messenger Bag and Backpack

G-Tech iPod-enabled Messenger Bag and Backpack: Geared to mobile, tech-savvy users, the G-Tech Messenger Bag and Backpack include an integrated external speaker, providing a space to stash a cell phone and Apple iPod inside and control the iPod from the bags™ strap, eliminating the hassles of fumbling to work the device on the go. The G-Tech Messenger Bag and Backpack merge revolutionary technology with functional design, keeping mobile users connected to their devices. In addition to ElekTex smart fabric controls, the bags feature a first of its kind built-in speaker to deliver stereo-quality external sound, for sharing music with friends. A built-in, universal 3.5mm extension jack plugs into virtually any device, including laptops, to route audio through the speaker. Offering handy compartments to store a laptop, iPod, cell phone, and more, the G-Tech Messenger Bag and Backpack can each be purchased for a suggested retail price of $129.00 online and at CompUSA and other major retailers.

Website: www.g-techworld.com


Maddie Powers' laptop bags

Maddie Powers’ laptop bags

Maddie Powers' laptop bags: These bags are perfect for the techy dad!   Maddie Powers, Inc, Chicago based design firm has partnered with Mobile Edge, the industry leader in innovative and stylish functional laptop computer carrying cases and accessories. The Maddie Powers' collection showcases the covers of original pulp magazines and novels from the 1940s and 1950s. The two hip new lines of laptop bags are targeted to the younger and the more fashion conscious crowd and will be available nationwide later this summer just in time for back to school! The male line, Dig, offers an array of bags each with a sports pulp icon image on the outside of the bag as well as the actual vintage magazine cover on the inside lining.These bags are the only laptop bags that have a safety cell - which offers the utmost support to your computer.  These bags have a lifetime guarantee and also have interior style.   Maddie Powers even carries a laptop backpack.  Maddie Powers has done an incredible job of combining fashion with function. Maddie Powers' laptop bags range from $40-$90


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