Urban 1972 LAFW2012 Stepping Out Party-COME ONE COME ANY: An Exotic Collaboration of Style

Without a doubt, Thursday, October 11th was a night of vibrance, music, and personal essence cementing itself socially in a crowd of distinctive individuals. Every being donated a different sense of flair, exuberant atmosphere enhanced by various fashion and tastemaker personas in the industry.

Everyone dressed up in Urban 1972 items (including owner Sam Na)!


Urban 1972's Fall/Winter2012 collection-(guests could try on and have a photo taken)

 The downtown L.A venue, Opulen Studio, was primped majorly chic with netting, lights, and clothing. Fashion fanatic guests enjoyed extravagances such as a candy bar, cocktail bar, henna station, and photo shoot, with an opportunity to try on items from Urban 1972’s new collection.

Party goers were thrilled about the candy bar.

Henna Station at the LAFW2012 event

Guests enjoyed drinks and uploaded photos to Instagram as #u72

Guests drooled over the edgy jewelry provided by Urban 1972

 Red Light PR firm ensured that the event would be one to remember. As the night progressed and more people mingled partygoers got groovy on the dance floor. Three dancers in particular stole the show, moving to the beats from the live DJ’s bass while others watched with encouragement and exuded enthusiasm.

The D.J kept the energy up with great tracks.

Two excited guests modeling Urban 1972's fashions.

There was not a dull moment in this majestic night of self-expression. All were smiling, laughing, gazing, or conversing and the elevated energy lasted all night. There was a shared appreciation for personal style that united and fueled the crowd. Urban 1972’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection is a creative blend of various looks; the line carries designs that appeal many tastes-sexy, modern, hippie, boho chic, audacious, and etc. The garments are dripping with studs, fur, lace and eye catching embellishments.Being able to “play dress up” at the party was a fashionista’s dream.

Urban 1972's edgy platforms and motorcycle boots

My Interview with Urban 1972 owner Sam Na.


Before the event commenced, I was able to sit down with Urban 1972’s owner Sam Na for an exclusive interview. 


LA Splash: Is your personal style reflected through the collection? If so, how?


SAM NA: Yes, it is. I only choose items that I would wear myself and that appeal to me. The line has a broad assortment of style much like me. I can be sexy one day, rocker two days, and girly other days. I’m always changing.


LA Splash: As a company what is your mission? What would you like to tackle, or be known for in the fashion world?


SN: I would like 1972 to be the ultimate one stop shop for girls who want to be a fashion star. I feel the company can guide girls and everyone can find where they fit in the brand. The mission is not to put the name out there but, to try and make girls feel pretty and fashionable.


LA Splash: Since fashion is constantly evolving how do you maintain a persistent variable between each collection?


SN: Our line is a balance of styles made so the girl next door can wear it. With that in mind I always chose items that work for the concept of the brand. I choose clothing with my taste in mind. It fluctuates but stays similar.


LA Splash: How are you able to maintain a strong brand essence and stay true to your style without “selling out”?


SN: It’s hard to always stay true to the brand, but I have a fashion sense that seems to work because I pull influence from different medias such as: movies, art, and music.


LA Splash: Do you think there are 3 cuts, colors, and fabrics to sum up the collection?


SN: That’s difficult because the fabrics are versatile to match trends, and design. Textiles that work for mass people are chosen, cuts are all over the board, and colors would have to be… (pauses) orange, khaki, green, oh and red.


LA Splash: In an industry where unique persona is key, how do you distinguish your brand from companies with similar styles? In your opinion, what specifically makes you stand out?


SN: Urban 1972 is more down to earth, I describe it as Urban Cohesive. I don’t want to be too spunky that girls can’t wear the clothes. LF has the California girl style, Nasty Gal is more daring and edgy. We’re sporadic and don’t want to compete but I’m always on top of trend.


I was much impressed by Sam’s passion for the company. She independently contains pride for the look and personality of the brand. Her desire is to share her sense of style in order to aid girls in discovering fashions that work effortlessly for them. This genuine, down to earth brand has a persona that appeals many of today’s world. Sam Na is not looking to go up against other online brands but enhance a diverse aspect to the average young fashion devotee with Urban 1972 and owner stationary LA Fashion staples, spreading fashion wild fire.


Photography Credits: Red Light PR


For more information, please visit: http://www.urban1972.com/



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