The Golden Stag Review - There Were Swingin Gents, Dames, Music and Dancin. My Eyeballs are Still Excited

Photography by Greg Autry c 2013

Additional Photos may be seen at  Greg Autry Art & Photo on Facebook


Come to the Speakeasy. Come to the Sypher Studios Noir Lounge with Dames, Flames, and a whole bunch of sultry spectacular Partying. Come to The Golden Stag.

Renee Christine


And so on the 2oth day of the 12th month, in the thirteenth year, of the second millennium  I did go.  Last year's rousing kick off on New Year's Eve foretold of big things for this Period  Costume Party delight.  Changed this year from New Years Eve, I know not why, it was at once an intimate Party, with only a few hundred of your closest friends. I donned my finest red velvet jacket with `sparklies', polished my two tones, and bandied about my D700. Camera, not a gun !

Sypher Art Studios, ala `Labyrinth of Jareth  Masquerade Ball', and other amazing Events,  is the Event Organizer and Producer. Sasha Travis and Shawn Strider put together a core of artist, unified in the love of arts and storytelling. I will be my  pleasure to present my next article in Splash Magazine, all about Sypher Art Studios.  Look for it next January.

Never sparing the details that makes their events truly Special, the Sypher team offers PLENTY in entertainment.  Staged in the Main Ballroom at the legendary Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, we entered the ornate Lobby to climb the largest staircase on the West Coast.  When I arrive I look to see all the amazing and beautiful people in their Period dress from the 20's and 40's.  As I climb the grand staircase,  I come upon a lovely Goddess,  Renee Christine, playing her Harp.  A Goddess I see,  she has taken me to heaven.

I come back to consciousness and hear a Big Band Beat, and I must go forth.  Into the Ballroom I glide.  And the evening never fails to Impress and to deliver entertainment galore.  There are Ladies and Gents dressed To the Nines. And a few Dames, for which I shall ever be grateful.

Shawn Strider

We were promised a `Time that never really existed. Something between the speakeasy lounges of the turn of the century and a modern entertainment experience.'  Again, Sypher and The Golden Stag never fails to deliver.

From Stage Performances, to troubadours and Chanteuses  of the Alice Underground.  The Sypher Elite Dance Company performed electrifying and sensual numbers throughout the evening.  The Hollywood Hotshots hit the dance floor Swinging in the Party Year and breaking down all the limits. Playing it cool were the hip gents of Dean Mora's California Poppies Band.


What I find so amazing is the story, and the backstories,  told throughout the evening in all the performances. In costumes, in dance, and through the music.  Be sure to check out the website for The Golden Stag.  I'm already looking forward to The Golden Stag for 2014 which I can't believe could possibly be any better. Yet, I know it will . 

I loved everything about the evening. The Big Band Orchestra, the sensuality of the dancers on, and off, stage, the singers. And the ever sultry Sasha Travis on stage is always a delicious and eye popping treat.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from the event.  I tried to get a range of images, including on stage performers, along with candid's of patrons and guest. It's always a challenge, to portray what an amazing job all the performers, as well as the staff and crew have done.   Next Year my wife's costume will be  scandalous,  I'm sure.






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