Sue Wong My Fair Lady 2011 Fall Winter Collection Review - Champagne Brunch and Fashion Is Ultimate in Hollywood Glamour

Sue Wong Posing On Red Carpet With Grogeous Models Wearing Items From 2011 Fall Winter Collection

Paparazzi and Media Interviewing Celebrities

Being in the company of Sue Wong, one can’t help but notice the enticing scent of mystery surrounding her.  Sue Wong is unique onto herself, yet other ladies who have reached legendary fame weave into her fabric, one has to wonder how a woman can be so creative, so talented, so prolific as to create some of the world’s most beautiful gowns, and remarkable evening wear that ever graced a red carpet or high-end event; be truly a Glamour Goddess in every sense of the word; and yet still be the most gracious, humble and personable of women. 

Actress Madison Leisle (A Thousand Words" (right) Charlotte Ross "Drive Angry"

Kate Linder of The Young and the Restless, and Romi Dames of Phineas and Ferb

Receiving an email from Sue Wong is in itself a gift.  Her descriptions of what is going on around her, invite you into her world, with words that create embroideries as elaborate as the ones she creates on her elegant gowns.  A simple email from Sue reads like a chapter out of a novel by Anais Nin, and her exquisite fashion shows are like going to a mythical play.  Attendees can’t help but feel incredibly fortunate to be in the fold.

2nd from Left, the Bachelor's Michelle Money

For her 2011 Fall/Winter Collection Preview, Sue Wong hosted another magnificent happening that could easily go down in the Hollywood Annals, as the mega-fabulous fashion event of the year.  Then again, that is Sue Wong.  She never fails to impress even the most jaded of Hollywood A-List party goers, Celebrities and topmost media.

Life Size Lions Adorn the Mantles of the Fireplaces

Sue Chatting with Guests

“My Fair Lady” was the theme of the champagne brunch party and fashion event.  The venue was “The Cedars”, Sue Wong’s spectacular Hollywood mansion, which once was home to the head of MGM, and the reason life-size lions adorn the mantles of each fireplace.  The large drive inside the gate was transformed into a Red Carpet that was instantly replete with actresses, singers and celebrities, obviously fans of Sue Wong, as they appeared in their beloved Sue Wong creations of the season.

The Bedroom once used by Jimi Hendrix!

Kristen Ruhlin (l) "She Wants Me" Cameron Goodman "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure"

Judith Orr in an Exquisite One of A Kind Sue Wong Jacket

Graceful models strolled and struck poses around the party in the glamorous Sue Wong “My Fair Lady” Collection of elaborately beaded, hand-embroidered, or feathered gowns of all colors of the rainbow, from pale, muted hues to bright, colorful shades of tropical birds. 

Dr. Adrianna Scheibner in a Stunning Sue Wong Dress

Sue's mom, Sharon Wong

Joe Polthakorn of Viawaiin Fine Jewelry

Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry designed by extraordinary Jewelry Artist, Joe Polthakorn, who was raised in the jewelry business by his mother, Vilaiwan, garlanded the necks and wrists of the statuesque models.  When design became Joe’s passion, his mother sent him to the United States to study and start his own business.  In honor of her support, Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry was born.  Joe’s incredibly unique, intricate jewelry blends magnificently with Sue’s exquisite dresses.  Ornate hats and headdresses by over the top couture hat designer Arturo Rios, as well as stunning hats from Jean Simmons, and Something Special Hats, were perfectly paired with each gown as were dazzling handcrafted, embroidered, and bejeweled or feathered handbags created by artist, Mary Francis. 

Sue Wong Created all of the 26 Spectacular Flower Displays Herself

Angela Jung (Head of PR for Sue Wong Company Left), Carolyn Hennessy (Cougar Town

Gift Bags for All of the Guests

Sue Wong’s exceptional gowns make strong statements in themselves.   Yet these elaborate adornments, as impressive as they are, enhance each striking gown as Sue pairs each item with her undeniable flair.

Actor Steve Valentine "I'm In the Band", Director Rob Minkoff "The Lion King", Sue Wong, Music Editor, Adam Smalley "Twilight"

Sue Wong and The Bridal Collection

Sue’s magic is evident in every item decorating her enchanting estate.  The one-of-a-kind lamps, eye-catching colors in every room, and beautiful embroidered pillows, drapes and furniture all have Sue’s inimitable signature on them.  Sue even created the 26 outstanding flower arrangements embellishing each room and displayed on the outside tables.  Each floral display was absolutely grand and unique, and Sue picked out every flower herself and constructed each one herself!

Here is a video from the event:


To see more about Sue Wong, check out her website:

All Photos © by Judith Orr Photography

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