Sue Wong Fall 2014 Collection Edwardian Romance Review - Timeless Beauty for Every Goddess

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My Mom would `drag' me along whenever she went to the department stores. One I always favored was  Bullocks Wilshire, in downtown Los Angeles. I remember the beautiful enormous building, the bright lights, the smells of the cosmetic department, and the gorgeous colors and fabrics of all the dresses hanging on racks and mannequins. That is where I fell in love with fashion, it was magical. 

The unveiling of Sue Wong's  Fall 2014 Collection was held at her Los Angeles atelier. It is an Art Deco building, which at one time served as the advertising center for the iconic Bullocks Wilshire flagship department store, just up the street from the original Bullocks.  

It was magical to again drive by that old store, and I would be no less mesmerized by the magic and sensuality of  Sue Wong's Fall 2014 Collection Edwardian Romance .

 Edwardian Romance  is about  `Beauty, Magic, and Transformation'. The Fall Collection is a homage to period styling and Sue Wong's personal homage to self-transformation as inspired by the Edwardian Period. What a delight it was to be eschewed into the inner hallowed halls of Sue Wong's  Design Studios. All the time thinking, ` this is where the magic happens'. I had goose bumps that lasted all night long.

The fashion show was unique in running along two catwalk simultaneously, with the models at times criss-crossing it made for a dazzling display of gowns, models, and light.  Some of the inspirations for the night were WINGS OF THE DOVE, with architecturally inspired gowns, THE SECRET GARDEN with exquisite embroidery. The night moved on to MOULON ROUGE showcasing dramatic red and black gowns that were sure to seduce with the twirl of every tassel and the glint of light off of every bead.



I lost count of the names and numbers of dresses. Edwardian Romance never looked more seductively-sumptuous in the designer’s signature intricate couture embellishments including:  exquisite hand-beadwork, cascading floral embroidery, seutache vines paired with shimmering lace-illusion yoke, cut-out lace petals, deconstructed ribbon, ruffles, flowing chiffons and filigree laces in dazzling beige, black, rose, platinum, sapphire, magenta, sandalwood statuesque, draped floor-length gowns and solid skirts with bejeweled paparazzi-bait showstoppers – accented with striking head-pieces evocative of timeless femininity. And all the models were draped and adorned in exquisite jewery by Joe Polthakorn.


The Edwardian Bride was truly the perfect conclusion to the evening. A romantic union of classical, graceful, and elegance crowned with exquisite headpieces evocative of timeless femininity.




And when the show was over I gasped in wonder, only to awaken to an after party of models, high rollers, and `Peeps' in the Biz.  I must give a big thanks to Sue Wong for my Invitation, to Splash Magazine for all the amazing support, and to all the crew at Sue Wong, the Models, and all the Talent it takes to put on such an awesome experience. It was indeed Magical.


Maitland Ward












The Edwardian Spirit was to create something new and vital. Drawing on an inner passion for creativity Sue Wong has captured and created an inspired Collection for Fall 2014, while all the time allowing the Goddess within to shine.  For every Goddess, Sue Wong dresses are available at esteemed department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, , and at specialty boutiques in the USA and in countries around the world.





At the end of the evening I wondered, `How does Sue Wong keep the creativity flowing with so many new amazing ideas and designs ?'.  Maybe one day I'll get to interview her, and ask her that.   


My next Article in Splash Magazine will be about Sypher Art Studios, where I will interview Shawn Strider, and get some wonderful insight as to the origination of the Labyrinth of Jarith Masqueade Ball.

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