Sue Wong Spring 2012 Collection Review - Lady or Vamp Party

International, Super Star Fashion Designer, Sue Wong hosted an elegant soiree to launch her “Lady or Vamp 2012 Spring Collection” during Los Angeles Fashion Week.   Guests included casts from Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Vampire Diaries, as they joined Sue Wong at the trendy celebrity haunt, Voyeur Nightclub in West Hollywood,

Sue Wong, is known worldwide for her dazzling, vintage-style hand beaded, embroidered gowns, show-stopping eveningwear, and elegant, unforgettable bridal dresses.  

Captivating, leggy, models magnificently adorned with feathered headdresses, carried unique beaded handbags created by artist Mary Francis, as they strolled through the crowd in their grand Sue Wong gowns, with bejeweled faces, bewitching the admiring crowd.  

Sue said as a child she dreamed of the glamorous movie stars of the silver screen and was inspired by the aura they created.  I have no doubt that Sue Wong is one of those enchanting goddesses sent to earth to decorate our world with the beauty she envisions.  It seems to pour out of her, leaving trails of glitter made of diamonds and precious stones behind her.

It’s no secret that Sue Wong is my favorite designer.  She has been from the moment I attended my first Sue Wong Fashion Show, and there is good reason for that.  Each new collection is in the sensational, unmistakable style of Sue Wong, yet each Collection is fresh, new, alluring with a chic, original panache.

Sue Wong is all about glamour.  The word defines her.  Everything she does reveals her as the icon of elegance and grace.  Yet as the name of the 2012 Spring Collection,  “Lady or Vamp” implies, elegance, combined with a sensual, sultry constituent, and something a little bit naughty in every angel, is what makes the line so luscious and provocative.

The wedding gowns Sue designs are legendary.  One could never forget a bride wearing one of her creations.  Famed talk show host, Leeza Gibbons, a guest at the party (dressed in what else, a magnificent Sue Wong cocktail dress), looked spectacular at her wedding earlier this year in a gown designed for her by Sue Wong.

Models were garlanded in breathtaking necklaces handcrafted by the brilliant designer and artist, Joe Polthakorn, of Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry.  Each piece Joe creates is a one of a kind, exquisite work of art. 

Nick Verreos (Project Runway) is always a delight to see.  He looked very handsome and stylishly dressed, as he is every time I see him.  At the bottom of this article I’ve included a link to Nick’s blog about Sue’s party.

Cherish Lee, was named last week in the Drudge Report as the #1 Country Star to watch, which is no surprise to me.  Whenever I've heard Cherish sing her voice brought down the house!  I can’t wait to hear her soon to be released CD.  Cherish is the daughter of Charlene Tilton (star of the original Dallas cast, who recently was on the new Dallas, currently  filming).  Cherish’s father is Johnny Lee, country star (who catapulted to fame with his hit song, “Lookin For Love”, the theme song of the popular movie, Urban Cowboy). 

Everywhere one looked, were beautiful, interesting people and sights.  The finale was  dazzling models appearing in striking, gowns in eye-catching deep purples, reds, chartreuse, bright pinks, and a rainbow of colors that lit up the stage.

Partygoers continued the evening with happy, dancing feet, and Sue Wong was leading the pack!  Anyone that thought they could just stand around and lazily watch was soon cajoled (by Sue) onto the dance floor and having a terrific time!

Nick Verreos Blog on Sue Wong’s party:

All Photos © Judith Orr Photography or courtesy of Ming Wu or Matt Maruts.

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