Rock the Mansion 2012 - Dreams within a Dream

Filtered out the pretenders

Saturday, August 25, 2012 accosted fresh renunciation of rock's role in fashion with 80’s metaled edge attire dangling off the upright chests of beautiful babes born circa 1988 and mint generations in celebration of Rock the Mansion 2012. Max Jacques Entertainment produced an evening of attendees mingling with gorgeously dressed (or lack there of) guests sipping center staggering stage at infamous Playboy Mansion. Headliner Sarah McLeod rollicked onstage to 5 screens backdrop after DJ Sarah Robertson spun for entering crowd.

DJ Sarah Roberston is not afraid of heights

Sarah McLeod

The connotative party at the Playboy grand estate and now business capital [2007] equates to silicone, audaciously statuesque women linear to substansive celebrity attendance. In October 2008, the introduction of tickets tripped up the traditional perception of an all-inclusive, sometimes very expensive party for elitist guests and attending sheets. Prices are on target with what seems to be a stabilizing economy; fairing as to how well the solicited Mansion is doing in the midst of recent economic remobilization. Focus has geared itself towards online endevors whilst demulcently instilling the reminder of lucidly real connections. 

There exists an entirely disconnected reason to attend a party thrown a well known established now ‘privately’ owned venue. Guests, staff, and partyers alike are genuinely nice with girl doublets in for a weekend long celebration of ‘we’re glad to party’ alongside posh Playboy Bunnies, adding accent to atmosphere and hittin it up in the 80’s era classic uniform.

Exhibitionist Australian Charles Billich

Moroccan model pose captured by Charles Billich, auctioned in support of Operation Smoke Free

Host Melissa Dawn fronted a red carpet more tribune to an outdoor cocktail party complete with fashion show, silent and live auction, open Naked Wine bar and hors d’oeuvres. Including dozen streamlined set for a mistress of a fashion show, M the Movement pulled in styling from friends and attendees VIP Tent approved – as was the party. Talking a little business and a little drink, M introduced his whole crew whose visual aesthetic called in all attitude and greys in circumventing shades – dove, turtle grey, and strip wash black jersey for the runway. Designer Koco Blaq of Party Rock among them epitomized style coming in with those infamous [personally] designed Party Rock black and lime green cotton drop crotch harem pants shipped out from classic black tank topping. Boots fit twisted in material and unlaced military/biker style for a guy who knew that talking business at the dinner table is kosher – if that dinner table is 12am under a VIP cabana with cocktail waitress fully stocked.


Coco Blaq, designer for Party Rock (LMFAO)

Cleo posing with fans

Swimming usually starts at 2am

The Grotto

The Stafford Brothers, Top Australian DJs performing at Rock The Mansion 2012

Playboy itself remains checking in at the Forbes scene as the brand maintains a steady and fluctuate future with strong retail and online presence making its disappearance doubtful. Celebs enjoying the festivities included Amadou Ly (Twilight), Pauly Shore, The Black Eyed Pea's Printz Board and Ralph Rieckermann (Scorpions).

Hard blondes


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Production By Max Jacque’s Enterntainment

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