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PrAna Clothing Review - Opening It's Doors in Manhattan Beach

By Meagan Sargent

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Finding a line of clothing that has both a great fit and moves with your body that doesn't harm the environment is a hard thing to do, however, thanks to prAna leading a healthy lifestyle has become effortless.
Rooted in idealism and a timeless belief that companies should strive to give much more than they take from the world, prAna, was created over 22 years ago. They have created a company that is composed of fun-loving, soulful customers that have turned to this brand because of its ability to not only create a line of clothing full of bold colors and whimsical patterns but are also made with fewer toxins and chemicals.

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“We are mindful of the natural resources we use and the communities we impact as part of the apparel industry, so we work to motivate our customers and peer businesses to make earth-healthy choices with us,” said prAna CEO Scott Kerslake. “We recognize we can encourage even greater positive change by inspiring and modeling a more caring and proactive approach to the world around us.”

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PrAna has announced its newest location in Manhattan Beach and will open its doors within the next upcoming months and lets just say we can't wait to see wait to see whats in store! 

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“All our clothing styles are designed based on our own experiences in Southern California. We know the brand will be a great fit for the Manhattan Beach lifestyle," said Kerslake. “We can really bring the brand to life at our new location at The Point,” continued Kerslake. “Not only can customers come in to see the details behind our products, they also can learn more about our sustainability practices or get styling advice from our staff.”

PrAna Gives You Ultimate Comfort Clothing That's Super Cute! Courtesy Photo

Whether you're in the mood for work out gear, beachwear, or an outfit you can wear out on the town, prAna has got it all and at a beyond affordable price! Be sure to stay connected to check out the latest with prAna and their latest store! 


Published on Aug 27, 2015

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