PacSun & DC Shoes Present Golden State of Mind - DC Shoes Rob Dyrdek Collection at Fantasy Factory

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Dyrdek pointedly at the forefront of contemporary fashion

Lending in as Honorary Creative Director for DC Shoes in lieu of its Rob Dyrdek Collection landing Holiday 2012Fantasy Factory creator Rob Dyrdek opened hangar doors on Saturday, September 22, 2012. With those whose true love lies in grinding wheels to pavement and flipping rail, PacSun & DC Shoes presented “Golden State of Mind.

Double tiered Belvedere


Aesthetically enhancing, bountiful in flow

Serving Belvedere Vodka concoctions matching thetic DC Shoes Rob Dyrdek CollectionThe AliasThe FactoryThe Flawless were topped up first in transparently sleek Belvedere glasse and struck up on the mix swizzle sticks. DC black and white logo'd chipup cups flew in for replenishing with that liquid that seizes one’s soul and holds it in the moment. Alternating effectively crowd fitting in canned, cold handed Colt 45s, heavy hitting rap resounded off the cement floor leaving one with a basic instinct to tuck in a blunt under a cap emblazoned DC. Before Chris Brown got onstage and threw it down for a killing with Gucci ManeLA Splash Fashion Editor asked the catholicon skateboarder turned creative venture capitalist a few.

Gucci Mane

Fans are that close

Chris Brown slaughters doubt

Surprise special guest appearance of the night

Red carpet

Dyrdek is perfected - head to toe

Donning stratospheric acclamation as The Godfather of Street Skateboarding, Rob Dyrdek is systematically building an empire whose multitude of sole purposes is to create, among other things; a universe. Measuring trick for equal transcendent business facture, Dyrdek Enterprise, Inc. is steering an entire generation to implement that thing called passion with a paved path from the start.


What do you plan on doing with all of your power?


*Laughs. I plan on creating a universe that I can not only help creative people fulfill their dreams, but spawn multiple brands and opportunities and different things…more than just use it for fame, but use it for the creative process of doing a lot of cool things. Which I’ve already had the opportunity to do an amazing amount of stuff, but now its about how can I scale that and allow other people to be a part of that to be successful?


What’s your overall vision of your Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of Skateboarding, When you umbrella everything, do you want to change people’s style down to the wheels up to the hat?


You gotta understand I own burrito companies, I own sunglass companies, I have a professional skateboarding league. I have our team. I have a cartoon. So for me its not as simple as just skateboarding as much as it is about creativity and doing cool, creative things whether its designing a line for DC or making a television show for MTV or even doing an ad campaign for a skateboarding league. Its all creative based. That’s what really drives me and that’s sort of the vision of what I’m trying to build out of a place like this.


So where do you see street skate fashion in the 21st century, because I’ve seen a lot of technology with IVI Vision you have Carl Zeiss lenses. Are you going to pursue that path?


I think its always up to the product. It’s product based. For something like IVI it was an amazing opportunity. I think for footwear, finding some great technology that supports that makes a lot of sense and when it comes to the look and feel and cut of a shirt, its much different. Its not necessarily technology based, but God knows if someone presents me with really cool technology….. Most recently, someone brought me an insane - I don’t even what to say it cause I don’t want anyone to re-engineer it – an insane new way to make skateboards, which I thought was impossible. No one will ever….It’s like, Babe Ruth hits with a wood baseball bat that Derek Jeter hits with today. I feel like skateboarding’s the same way. Someone, to me, found the Holy Grail of the future of skateboards, and that was just last week.


I saw someone on a metal skateboard the other day and I was like whaaat.


But it just won’t work, because as a skateboard you just need the feeling of wood, right? That’s why its been so tough. So someone brought me a new material that might revolutionize it in the field where I thought that would never happen.


So you’re heavy into the manufacturing of your new products.


I mean, just anything. From design to manufacturing, to creating, I touch every last aspect of every single thing I do. Cause its fun. It’s the idea of you think of something, you create something, and then you watch it come alive. It’s a very amazing process.


Do you think you are ever feel like more of a brand than an individual or do you think that you as an individual creates the brand?


I’m the individual that creates the brands. And in the future, its like Street League isn’t Rob DyrdekIVIisn’t Rob Dyrdek; it’s like as I lead into the future, all the brands that I’m creating are more ideas and concepts that can go and live and stand on their own as opposed to ride off on the notoriety that I have had.


Now your skate plazas are part of that. Are you planning on doing it internationally?


Yeah, I think we just haven’t come across the right person. We’ve talked a lot. I’ve inspired some to get built. But I think it’s still just a matter of time. To me, that’s part of just a very long term movement in the growth and stability of skateboarding. I’ll be building those til the day I die.


My final question…What is the distinctive quality that makes you choose an acquisition? That makes you collaborate with a certain company.


I think it depends, you know? I mean it starts first with like a visionary...



...when ultimately, it’s who it is. Whereas before I would kind of have an idea and just go for it. Whereas now I think it through a lot more. Look, there’s three key elements that make something successful and I make sure that all three of those are in everything I do in my adult years. I have a whole lot better shot at things being successful. I’ve had a whole lot of things fail and I’ve learned the hard way how to make it work.


Crowd pleasing, crowd ready Fantasy Factory

The glow alone attracts a crowd

Rolling into stores Holiday 2012

Showcase for DC Rob Dyrdek Collection

Dyrdek and Brown

Rob DyrdekGucci ManeChris Brown, Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Bridget Marquardt (Girls Next Door),Peter Dante (Grandma’s Boy), Nick Swardson (Just Go With It), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Shawn Pyfrom(Desperate Housewives), Blake Anderson (Workaholics), Justin Figueroa (Workaholics), Lashinda Demus(Olympian), Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (UFC Fighter) and Talulah Riley (The Summer House) amongst a group worth talking to if that blinking blue plastic ice would ever melt.




For More Information Please Visit the Dyrdek Enterprises, Inc website:


Photo Credit: John Shearer


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