Onepiece made it to LA the Norwegian Way

Today wasn’t just any day for Henrik Nostrud, Thomas Adams, and Knut Gresvig, the creators of the Original OnePiece concept, which, in a nut shell, takes the idea to sew together a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants, connecting the two with a giant zipper to create the Original OnePiece. It would be, in the heart of Los Angeles on the streets of Robertson Blvd across from the infamous Ivy, where this Norwegian lifestyle brand decided to launch their own US flagship store after having 6 very successful shops in Europe.

OnePiece Gang

Purple Blue and Red Riding Hood

Los Angeles would be the next path for this lifestyle brand, as the street colorfully became inundated with wondering humans in OnePieces. And to note, it wasn’t just any human creatures, it would be “Super Swedish Norwegian”creatures that had the superpower to cause accidents with one stare at their ravishing blond and slender beauty.

While guests were hospitably greeted on the Red Carpet by the Onepiece family, as they call themselves, it felt a unification of a very cool community of OnePiecers who toasted with champagne to commemorate the moment.

In no time the store was nearly packed with a colorful artistic and eclectic crowd and besides finding themselves in a great store concept, we can’t help but go back to these earlier mentioned Swedish OnePiece creatures who really gave this hip urban lifestyle brand a very impressionable brand image as it resonated a very visual display of what OnePiece is all about. Gear that is fun, hip, and makes any wearer look desirably ‘one zipper away’ from nude exposure. And while we can’t contest that everyone was naked underneath there was always this element of mystery, which played a fun part in the mix.

Casual OnePiece Laydown

The ambiance and vibe of the shop displayed FUN all around and just when one thought the night was over, it would be at later hours of the evening, where the Official After-Party would take the night to a whole other level of grandieuse and playful celebration.

OnePiece in Mask Mode

At an estate in the hills of Bel Air, is where guests trotted a mysterious steep hill to find a Michael Jackson version of Playland a la Norwegian OnePiece style. With a Tequila taco truck, a tennis court that had blown up sumo wrestling gear for those in the mood, a set of games that could keep a crowd entertained for hours, to a residence, furnished with playful taste that catered to an audience who just likes to have a good time. Not to mention, a few guests dipping and swimming in the Olympic size hip pool that gave the night a colorful blue backdrop within the hill overlooking all of Los Angeles. So for those who had the good fortune to be a part of the OnePiece Launch Party, consider yourself privileged.

Chilling in OnePiece

All of the positive energy these Norwegian super trendy creators brought to LA will not go unforgotten. Their amazing team: Chief of Staff Louise Ohlsson, Head of International PR Lisa Dwan and beautiful models from Norway and Sweden for making this the “Night of the year”. Six Months ago was our first personal encounter on a dream trip to the Caribbean, where we truly met the family and core of the team, and while soft intentions were spoken of coming to LA, boy did they keep hindsight of their goals and tonight made LA aware of their unique edgy appearance on this territory.

Great strategic move after dominating the Nordic markets such as Norway, Sweden, and UK and now extending their community in LA who they know understands what ‘Lifestyle’ items is about with OnePieces falling right in this category.

All we can say now, is be on the lookout for OnePiecers as a few like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Usher, Jayden Smith, Paris and Perez Hilton, Jude Law, and others have already made it their OnePiece a “Must have lifestyle Item” to have. Check them out on their OnePiece site!

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