Metropolitan Fashion Week Review - a Couture Costume Spectacle



Photography  by Greg Autry

Greg Autry Art & Photo (FACEBOOK)


The culmination for me, of a week in overdrive came with the Fashion Show for  Metropolitan Fashion Week. Based in Seattle, Washington, Eduardo Khawam is the Producer and Director of MFW and always finds amazing venues to present really special Costumes and Designers.  This is the first year MFW has ventured into Southern California. And surely, it won't be the last.


The  Fashion Show was  held outdoors at the Pasadena City HallPasadena (California) is north of Los Angeles proper and renowned for JPL, The Rose Bowl, and the Tournament of Roses Parade.  It is one of the oldest cities in Southern California and the businesses and companies in the City are proud of their long history of service. I remember going to Phoenix Decorating on Raymond Street and taking my kids to see all of the  Rose Parade `Floats' being built. My dear friend  Bill Lofthouse started the company and it's still running strong with his son Chris Lofthouse at the helm.





Pasadena City Hall was designed by John Bakewell & Arthur Brown who were influenced by the early Renaissance style of 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Construction was completed on December 27, 1927. The building features a massive circular structure rising six stories.  I knew before I got there that the buildings architecture had to be featured in my photographs of the event.  It's always amazing in my life how fashion and architecture interact. Perhaps that is another story.


Getting there early and sitting up I knew it was going to be a challenge.  The runway was long and the lighting was not optimal . Surely something to be addressed (for next year).  But we would not be disappointed in the designers, the costumes,  nor the models. Of the many Designers that night,  of note were  Adan Terriquez,  Markia Soderlund-Robison (Kicka Custom Designs),  Rocky Gathercole, The Stars Fashion House, and Sean Purucker.  My apologies to the others, whom I don't have names for or don't have more space to write about. There was also a beautiful Mexican singer named Ana Barbara, singing La Llorona. She was breathtaking indeed. 


The costumes were all show stoppers.  From Adan Terriquez's masterful Mexican `Day of the Dead' theme, to Sean Purucker's impressionistic animal sculptures in costume, and the ever amazing Rocky Gathercole's wild celebrity filled costume line. And lastly I was dazzled by  Kicka Custom Designs, and her model Ophelia Overdose, who came if from Germany to walk the Runway. And of course the Special Presentation by the team of For The Stars, headed by Jacob Meir and featuring Armin Apelin. Michael Conde-Yen, who were presented by LA Splash Magazine. Splash Magazine was also one of the main sponsors of the evening's event.




I may have bit off more than I should have, with my intention to keep the architecture in mind in all of my shots.   But I love that old Gothic style, and the craftsmanship  that goes into those buildings. I think it was perfect complement to Costumes that wow us and dazzle us, and require the same amount of structure and detail, and craftsmanship.


I want to congratulate Eduardo Khawam for a great show, and putting together a great lineup of designers and performers. We will welcome MFW back next year. It will be a real feat to top this year's event, but if anyone can do it, Eduardo will.  



And finally my congratulations to all the designers and the models, who worked so hard to make this a really special night.  I don't know all of you by name, but I honor your hard work and dedication to beauty, to fashion, and to your craft.    Let's Do It Again.





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