Men's Fashion Week L.A. - Models Take over Melrose Avenue

On Saturday, April 13, 2013, Men's Fashion Week LA hosted a spokes-model competition. The modeling competition was open to males 16-27 years old. It was a four-hour two-phase competition held at a menswear boutique on Melrose Ave in Hollywood California. The contestants competed to be crowned the "Face of Men's Fashion Week LA."

The winner who will be the official spokes-model brand ambassador for Men's Fashion Week LA is entitled to a one year modeling contract with a Modeling agency scheduled to commence at the the beginning of 2014; sponsorships including apparel, footwear, accessories, and grooming products; be the face of all media and press interviews for MFWLA for 2013; will function as a Brand Ambassador for MFWLA; featured in a magazine spread for a menswear fashion magazine; Featured on all MFWLA publications for Men's Fashion Week 2013 seasons, which includes electronic, print, and multimedia marketing and promotional materials; emcee Men's Fashion Week in June and any ancillary events ; host the red carpet at Men's Fashion Week L.A. in October.

The day began at 2:00pm. Executive Producer (and founder of Men's Fashion Week LA), Pamela Williams, briefed the contestants on the "Face of Men's Fashion Week LA model competition festivities. Male models arrived early, waited in line, and then the competition began.

Each model walked the runway for the panel of judges. At the end of the runway, each contestant shared a little bit about themselves. The day was full of laughs as the judges asked contestants everything from "What'd you do last night?" to hearing heartfelt stories of one model's breakthrough depression, and learning about one model's trip across the country as he flew in from Oklahoma City to compete to become the first-ever spokes-model for Men's Fashion Week LA.

Hasson Harris, Agency Director of Slater Model Management (aka Simon Cowell), sent some contestants home with brutal yet insightful consultations that is believed to help them "make it" in this industry. Jenny Luv, fashion Vlogger, giggled most of the day with celebrity wardrobe stylist, Daniel Musto. Daniel, who admittedly told one of the contestants that "God brought me here this morning, to the bar last night, and to Cochella after this competition", colored the competition with witty remark after witty remark; both charismatic and genuine, Daniel made each contestant feel comfortable opening up to the panel of judges.

Guest judge Christian DeLuca, bow tie connoisseur, wore a leather red studded bow tie sponsored by Bow Tie Boy NYC faced off with two contestants who also had the bright idea to wear bow ties to the competition. And menswear designer Lloyd Klein got a good laugh when one of the model's said that their favorite menswear designer was Calvin Klein, saying "You know he only makes underwear right?". Imagining that the contestant leaves the house in the morning only clad in Calvin Klein briefs, Lloyd asked the contestant to take off his shirt. And the evening went on... The chemistry among the panel could not have been fabricated; it was organic, synergistic, and made for a memorable day for MFWLA staff, each contestant, and each of the judges.

With much more work to be done, evening crept upon the panel of judges. After each model walked the catwalk, the judges tallied up the total scores. The judging criteria included a 1-5 point system. Each candidate was judged based on five categories: overall personality, charisma, authenticity, style, and confidence. The TOP TEN FINALIST (from left to right): Duka, Geo, Jose, Kyle, Jace, Luis, Brian, Alexander, Omari, and Fernando. On Monday, April 22, 2013, MFWLA will announce the THREE FINALIST. The Three Finalist will have dinner or attend an event with the Executive Producer, who will select the WINNER!


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