LA Times Rock/Style - A Hot Night Of Fashion, An Even Hotter Night Of Rock

Los Angeles Times Rock/Style poolside at The Roosevelt’s Tropicana Bar Wednesday, June 6, 2012 maintained a hybrid theme fueling counterculture turned iconic trend. Playing on multiple perspectives of the title ‘Brasil’, four stylized collections by Macys rocked the runway while DJ Stryker of KROQ rocked airwaves with Rage Against The Machine and Personal Jesus soundtrack and The Pierces lit a live set.

White platform extension over Rock/Style light tagged azure depths; the evening was complimented in form by swim and loungewear emphasizing neon’s syndication from garments to footwear in strap-heeled pumps. Macys is otherwise softening the brilliant hue bubble trend for a lead-in to Fall 2013 as an atomic tangerine mini skin dress hit the runway. Following sheer tropical lounge wrap, a bikini fluid print breeze dress received murmurs from the crowd. Powder baby, maya, and sky blues tinted short sleeve collar shirts opened for ab advertisement complimenting light weight board shorts in pink hibiscus prints with straw fedoras donning chiseled hair and sculpted features.

Dior slit up eyes on male models darkening the mood with cardinal, crimson lust scarved Top hats and open shirts topping suspender ridden black jeans for ‘Rock’. The staple of 2012 summer evenings is the couture jacket in brushed [faux] leather, black zipper-worked nouveau traditionals, and silver whitened crop jacket in decadent iris satin lining thrown over metallic skinny jeans. Highlighter yellow fringe purse and emerald satin mini skirt with sheer canary chemise brought rock to resort. In charge of keeping up Rock/Style’s namesake was sponsor New Line Cinema’s “Rock of Ages” display backdropping attendees such as Whitney Moore (“Snake and Mongoose”) and Nick Simmons (“Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels”) - who came because he heard it would be “hell of a good time.”

Prep broadened its original conception to include Brazilian influence a la crushed blue lacquer travel attaché infused with Japanese persuasion – appropriate considering the Asian scenester numerals sipping sponsoring Coco Brevé in Kiwi Lime and Mango Citrus or Courvoisier Rosé’s Belle Rosé. Powdered navy blazer in light sky piping accented one number whilst heading up the downside of town for school girls rocking platform & heel encrusted jewel stilettos in lace two piece suits and mauve striping. Green ankle socks screamed atop blue statement heels while bright canary yellow jackets played off vibrant tones of tropical wonder. Sheer white shimmer pleated knee length skirt boasted glamour’s refinement with mauve tonnage, striping and highlighter heels hinted trending will never be a lost concept in fashion.

Featuring 166 prints from iconic photographers, Who Shot Rock & Roll ascertained the legendary genre’s invention of an entire subculture in fashion, presenting work from The Annenberg Space for Photography exhibit June 23 – October 7, 2012. Also floating close to runway ramp were adorned American Cancer Society luminaries skimming the periphery in supporting memory of loved ones. CJ Free’s limited edition bracelet to benefit the American Society through Relay for Life were designed by cancer survivors with Simone I Smith donating 10% of sales.

Cool crowd mixing first timers with industry professional veterans as button down suited, resort wear cabana style attire intermingled with special guests Abby Miller (“Justified”), DaMarcus Morton (designer), Alie Ward & Georgia Hardstark (“Classy Ladies with Alie & Georgia”), Lauren Elaine (designer/model), India de Beaufort (“Jane by Design”), Kate Lang Johnson (“The Campaign”), Jennifer Freeman (“My Wife and Kids”), Jay Giannone (“The Iceman”), Katrina Parker (“The Voice”), Erica Chase (musician), Simone Smith (designer), Gabrielle Wortman(musician), Nikki Lund (designer), Amy Paffrath (“Hollywood 411”), Drew Seeley(actor/musician), Jen Lilley (“The Artist,” “General Hospital”), Ralph Rieckermann (musician),Charley Koontz (“Community”) and Michael Silas (touring dancer with Lady Gaga).


Photography Courtesy of Los Angeles Times Media Group.

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