LA Fashion Weekend Review - `One Haute Night'


The last day of LA Fashion Weekend presented by Mikey Koffman and The Gallery Los Angeles Saturday the 20th of October, I was scheduled to do two shoots. In the afternoon in Burbank, and then in the evening one I was really excited about at The Sunset Gowers Studios in Hollywood, for LA Fashion Week.  Not even 24 hours after shooting For The Stars Gala, I was shooting  a runway show for Couture Designers, called  'One Haute Night.'



The Sunset Gower Studios were originally founded by Columbia Pictures Studios movie mogul Harry Cohn in 1912.  The Sunset Gower Studios lot, the home of such classics as Frank Capra’s It Happened One Night in 1934, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in 1939, Funny Girl and The Caine Mutiny. Television programs  shot  at Sunset Gower include Heroes, Dexter, Six Feet Under, JAG, Married... with Children, That's So Raven, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, and more.


The designers for the evening were Unique Vintage by Katie Echevery, Le Mali Designs, and the Walter Collection.




As "wild" as the night before (Stars Gala)  had been, this show was all about Style and Beauty. Before the runway show started there was of course the Pre-show.  With the gentlemen in their Tux's and the ladies adorned in gowns and Jewels it bespoke of Hollywood.  The sophistication and elegance shown by those in attendance was only a pre-cursor to the show to come in all the gowns.


In the middle of the Preshow  were two models on a slowly turning pedestal.  Dressed in their finery they held pose as folks crowded around, talking, drinking, and enjoying the electric vibe in the air. The models would switch every few minutes, but no one seemed to notice. Well I did and they were amazing.


I was so delighted when we finally got into the Showroom Space and to see it so well lit was a beautiful sight for me.  I get emotional about these things and there was, of course, the flamboyance of a "Classy" Runway Show. 



And as the show began it was easy to see the quality of the Production Values.  Like the Sue Wong "Jazz Babies" show that I photographed a couple weeks prior, this had that all knowing assuredness of attention to detail and organization.  People attending these events often don't notice such things, until something is way off.  When things go smoothly no one notices.  Working these events is another thing. I notice all these little things.  I guess it comes from building Custom Homes. Paying attention to detail,  organizing,  and planning in advance, are all things I find very important.


All the designers were amazing. There seemed to me to be a single element common to all. That being strong silhouettes, embellished with the theme of each individual line.  And at the end of the show it was so sweet to see Katie Echevery (Designer-Unique Vintage) on the runway, with her Mom and Dad, husband, and two little girls.  They were taking family photos, just like we all do,  to commemorate special events we want to remember.  It reminded me of when my two litle ones, Tami and Angel, were that age and it brought tears to my eyes.  Of course I shot some for them.

So now enjoy the pics from the show here,  and then watch for more pictures on my FACEBOOK Page (Greg Autry Art & Photo) and in my Blog



And lastly, this night was not over. After the Show, we were to attend the After Party, at the W Hotel in Hollywood .  Mostly models, and folks involved with putting the show,  in `Relaxed'  mode.  Still gorgeous of course. 


Photography   cGreg Autry

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