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IVI Eyewear Launch Party - Icons Dyrdek, Mage & Fox Throw Iconic Event

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Saturday, May 12, 2012 was emancipation from status quo of brand launches as Rob Dyrdek catapults himself yet again to the forefront of the fashion industry; carving out a niche much like carved out tail end grabs on street skate rails since the soon-to-be-pro age of 12. In celebration of IVI breaking a sweat on the brow of high fashion’s creativity as it gets heavy with extreme sport style; Rob Dyrdek, designer god Jerome Mage, and Fox Racing brand giant Pete Fox selectively summoned friends and taste makers ‘to see with a different point of view’ – that of an eye-scaping spectacle scening itself at a private Hollywood home draped over hill for frighteningly pure glorification of a LA sunset (7ish)…


IVI (pronounced eye-vee) establishes itself as a powerhouse in the new millennia of streetwear with its aesthetic induced nostalgia of time travel to a present where the future already exists as Dyrdek is fermenting himself to be a technology evolutionary fashionist and industry mogul. Dwelling in Mage craftsmanship of the individual [sunglass]; each model displayed in secular glass cases fittingly loitering around the venue is molded into an existent apparition ranging in raw material to include handmade premium acetate framing or nylon specs, with nickel silver rim wire and temples. Static Carl Zeiss Vision Premium Lenses vary only in RX compatibility or polarization; engraved lense signature solidifying authenticity - little doubt as to such when considering explicitly multifluescent language like ‘Dividant’ ‘Lividity’ ‘Jiving’ and ‘Dusky’ framed up in magnetic closure, quotation-ranging case packaging.

Bleached performed over undercover pool as constructed platform stage rocked bass and drum set with throaty four piece, three part female LA based band. Neon purple tree lit with cross-flashing lights made IVI premiere complete with “My Work Speaks For ItselfSailor Jerry black plastic classic new twist on the red party cup filled – and refilled – with Kanon Organic Vodka, Veev Acai Spirit Zen stairs separated stock-full bars. Haute Chefs Catering partnered with Hotspitality for premium service to mouth-water match Lime Margaritas by Peligroso Tequila. DJ MomJeans aka Danny Masterson turned it til 2am leaving the early crowd to DJ Scotty Coats, a DJ well worth arriving a few minutes beforehand to see [and hear].

Brody Jenner was fanboy fave of photography with who’s who guests streaming down the list of personal friends and supporters including Ryan Schekler, Taylor Armstrong, actors Anton Yelchin and Michael Rosenblum; Keith Hufnagel, Dylan Rieder, Chad Muska, Tal Cooperman, Dingo, and Felix Arguelles.

Carl Zeiss, Microsoft and Skullcandy partnered to pick up the bill.

Photography By Le Panda and Chris Swainston.

Music Graciously Provided By Scotty Coats.

Published on May 19, 2012

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