For The Stars Fashion House Review - Grand Opening Gala

This was the beginning of what would be a crazy 8 days. Actually a crazy couple of weeks.  For the Stars Fashion House opened with a Gala befitting Hollywood's  Old Glamour. Only with more Pizzazz, hotter women, and cooler Dudes !


I interviewed Jacob Meir, the Owner, and found that this Opening `For The Stars' is the culimnation to date of his 30 years in the business.  Love Love swimwear would present a sexy line of Bond themed bikini's. And the Fashion show would also highligt Costumes by Rocky Gathercole and Xtina Milani.  Some of the many Stars who have worn these designers costumes include Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry. The creativity of the Haute Couture Costume lines can be seen dailly in movies, on television, as well as in music Videos and advertsements around the globe.


"For The Stars Fashion House" is collaborating with Mannor House L.A. for the grand opening, which features couture costumes and designs worn by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and other celebrities. The creativity and design of the Haute Couture makes waves in movies, music videos, TV, photo shoots, press, events, catwalks and red carpet events all over the world - See more at:


Started by Jacob Meir with his For The Stars Shoes Boutique, the STARS Fashion House has become the hotbed in Hollywood circles for Celebs and Performers who need outrageous, and beautiful costumes. Jacob's life ambition has been to build the Brand into a global name, to embody what celebrities and performers need:  Costumes, Shoes, Headpieces, Makeup, and Studio Space. He travels the world in search of inspiration and to find new and exciting designers.


Tonight would also serve as a preview up the upcoming Metropolitan Fashion Week, to be held in Pasadena, the following week.  Designers such as Rocky GathercoleMarika Suderlund-Robinson, and Sean Purucker, would also participate in MFW.


The night started off with people moving into For The Stars and of course everyone is always dazzled by the array of sparkly costumes, headpieces, and shoes adorning the walls. From the floor to the ceilings, there is something new and wild in every corner. The hair and makeup room was a gaggle of models and MUA's getting ready for the fashion show.


And awaiting outside were a bevy of beautiful people.  The Bar was packed, the Champagne flowing. The Go-Go dancer high above the crowd was entranced in her own world. The fashion show started and beautiful girl after beautiful girl strolled up and down the runway in  their Bikinis...Not your everyday bikinis mind you.


And I noticed, people kept on coming in...all night long. I wondered how were all these people fitting inside, and then I realized that they were spilling out to the outdoor lounge in back. Where hundreds more people were meshing in the Gala "Scene".


It was crazy. Crazy Fun.  I can't believe I get paid to do this .  And the audience has as many beautiful women (and men) as did the runway.  I'd see a beautiful face, a beautiful dress, or a beautiful body and I had to shoot it. No sooner did I point my D700 one way, than someone else would catch my eye, or someone would tug on my shirt sleeve and ask for a picture. I was spinning all night long.


Frankly, there were so many beautiful people, dressed so gorgeously, that I could still be there taking pictures.   The wild costumes by all the incredible designers speak for themselves. So without description, I will let the photos speak to them.  I will add more photos in my BLOG and on my FACEBOOK Page ( Greg Autry Art & Photo ). So take a look please.


The next night will follow up with a Couture show at The Sunset Gower's Studio as part of LA Fashion Week,  and then conclude in Pasadena, with  Metropolitan Fashion Week  the following weekend.


I'll also follow up with individual stories on some of the designers, and models, with a special look at some of Rocky Gathercole's  private costumes, as modeled exclusively for me by International Russian Supermodel, Playboy Playmate, and my friend,  Irina  Voronina. Now let your eyes wander on down the page for more beauty, and lots of sizzle.



Photographs cGreg Autry2013

Greg Autry Photos

Greg Autry Art & Photo (FACEBOOK)


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