Fashion's Night Out LA 2012 - Party Review

Fashion’s Night Out LA followed suite with season’s prior Fashion Week LA spread amongst apex districts like staked-off territories in a war zone battling it out over simultaneous scheduling. In case you missed it, read no other – here lies Fashion’s Night Out 2012 Melrose Party Best.

Kill City Jeans – “The Original Cult” at FNO 2012 was hipster event of the night, if ever there was one for the slick black tread, blue bolding jeans that have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on 7266 Melrose Avenue when it comes to Los Angeles base designers and Melrose party presence. As proven again and again, shoulder rubbing is the bare minimum of a turn out where Pulp Fiction plays on multiple hung flat screens whilst a DJ streams "The Killing Moon" by Echo and The Bunnymen. Handle-bar mustaches aside, there was the IT fashion crowd scoped out amidst a beer bar and double slice slid, dozen high pizza boxes.

Blackboard backdrop optimized with an assortment of bold shade sidewalk chalks passed around a trendy street skater scene, the 21+ guest listed FNO evening at Sportie LA hosted Roos Shane and Shawn Brothers Shoes. Crowd matching aesthetic in one lilac purple combo kicked ribbon laced tops. Iconic in differential yet classically bound coolness; the shopping was saved for another day at virtuoso 7763 Melrose. A collaboration project collection by Shane and Shawn Ward worth seeing on dark wood crates while sipping Hubert’s Lemonade, the party was host to mixed drinks through ‘please top off with a tip to tender’ bar, DJ Reflex, and Adrienne Bailon hosting.

Bringing out Segal stalkers along with fresh souls to the LA fashion community, shopping at the revered store was intimately elbow grazing to ear gracing of up-beat techno records. Palm tree ridden bar provided saturated surfing layout to the brawny summer evening on September 6. Free Valet at Fred Segal stepped up the game when it comes to parking at one location for the entire evening. They finished it off by serving Sake flavored Champagne whilst pairing it with free candy sample compliments of Shuglove. Manicures on the house of Azature Black Diamond nail polish led out the night in mysterious darkness.

G-Star made it the most unique gifting afflicted where live printed, limited edition G-Star Raw posters were screen inked on location by Michael Hamel - one made it through Fashion’s Night Out - Melrose, to VMAs After Party at Lure and the champagne popping bubble floating girls backstage. It even got to say hi to the EC Twins and see a familiar Rock the Mansion 2012 performance face (Chris Stafford) while partying with Koco Blaq and the Party Rock crew on circumventing stage.

New Era pointedly corned at 8001 Melrose Boulevard odes to prevalent street style influence on high end fashion’s Californian avenue. The LA Leakers (DJ Just Incredible and DJ SourMilk) stilted the gig with DJ Tasko spinning to S'NEADS by Ree toking on scribbled lines of draft pencil while flagship store manager Darryl Carter at New Era to bag cap after purchase. Hiiro Tomita, cofounder/creative director of Hiiro Tomita Studios sigging custom memorabilia through virtue of the classic ball cap with Agua Con and Jarritos dishing it out friendly table style.

Paul Frank celebrated with a smash success of a turn out for an evening competing with the VMAs for heavy celebrity attendance. Always adorning of fans, attendees were given a small custom monogrammed wallet featuring the iconic monkey himself in blue, black or pink. Paul Frank likes his drink like everyone else and served his specialties on open bar for the Native American theme and sharing the splendor with sugar snacks from his open candy bar and top 100 hit list spinning to the spun lights in shades of Popsicle pink, bombshell baby blue, retro red, and pulsating purple.

Out of Boston and onto Melrose, Johhny Cupcakes was a voice of true entrepreneurial spirit and a rescinding to the concept of individuality in a corporate world. Each print at the Oven opening, frosting scented, and sweet treat top over cross bones logo’d tees is a limited edition, bagged and numbered shirt with no reprints after initial screening. Designs are also limited so keep it fresh with Johhny Cupcake coming out again in October for a release party that brings out diehard J.Cupcake fans.

Kill City Photography by le Panda. More sloads of photos here.

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