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Evey Clothing at BrideWorld - Quirky Designer Splatters her Colorful New Collection

By Katerina Gagkas

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Evey, photo by Shawn Adeli, hair by Krystal X Kaos, makeup by SheRaz


Quirky Designer Evey, SPLATTERS her new collection of colorful one-of-a-kind wedding gowns at BrideWorld in Redondo Beach, CA, On February 9, 2014.

at BrideWorld 2014 photo by Heather Faith Safran


California brides attended BrideWorld at the Crowne Plaza Resort Hotel, where they had the opportunity to meet with fun, quirky Los Angeles fashion designer Evey. Her sparkling pink haired models and textured elaborately detailed hand-made, ombre colored, earth-friendly custom wedding dresses were a major hit.

Evey Clothing at BrideWorld photo by Heather Faith Safran


Evey creates sustainable and themed dresses that match the personality of the bride that walks down the aisle in them.  “Don’t feel like you have to wear some pre-made dress and look like every other bride out there! Whether you’re the dancing in the spotlight bride, the bohemian, alternative, Rock n Roll, Country, or sparkle covered bride, it’s your wedding! Your dress should be as unique as you are, and it should be YOU!”


Evey's Wedding Dress


Flower Girls by Evey, photo by Dana Grant


The day is about you and your love, and the dress should reflect you and your personality and your ethics too! PETA and the Humane Society have approved her as a vegan designer because she believes that your special day should leave a mark on your heart but not on the environment.


model: Allison Peairs, photo by Dana Grant, hair by Bia Iftikhar, makeup by Melody Rachunok


model: Nora Merschel, photo by Shawn Adeli


From wedding aisles, to runway shows, red carpet events, and music festivals, Evey’s work is getting scene! Inside Edition, KTLA, CBS, FOX, Green Wedding Shoes, Rock n’ Roll Bride and Splash Magazine have featured her creations, and her work was on display at the exclusive SOHO house NYE party and on the parade of dancers in her 2013 Flash Mob Fashion Show down Robertson Blvd.


 Check out Evey LIVE on CBS / KCAL:


Evey has made dresses that have come from the wildest of fantasies, from Wizard-of-Oz to Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland themed wedding gowns, to fiber optic light up or motorized dresses, to gowns made of live flowers, or filled with colorful Pollock inspired paint splatters!  Evey is a refreshing twist to the bridal industry, with her custom wearable art.

Jackson Pollock inspired dress by Evey


Evey’s motto: “If you can dream it, I can create it.”


American Couture Dress by Evey, model: Nora Merschel


Visit Evey Clothing for more info!


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Published on Feb 14, 2014

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