Dripped Fashion Soiree & Trunk Show - Eclection of LA

Fashion in LA is eclectic to say the least, utilizing the most overly used term to describe an underground culture that transcends all boundaries of formality. Remaining intactfully recognizant of the fact that Los Angeles is, for lack of a better description, put down when compared to other fashion cities, the Dripped Fashion Soiree & Trunk Show is an event that says “F YoU” to labels for the creation of an abstract scene whose solitary goal seems to be laughing in the face of fashion while holding it closer to one’s heart than a picture of a beloved dead grandmother.

June 15, 2012’s summer rendition of the traditional Dripped highlighted a set versioned out in 60's inspiration; a concoction of Luxe De Ville, Buttons & Bows, and Round 2 LA local LA boutiques for flashbacks that had one wondering if it was from a dark dream or alternate universe. Corey Biggs, Ja$ Jame$, Electric Friends, and Timothy Realness proferred the virtualistic soundtrack where people actually danced.

On site and heavily in scene was that Black Bandits’ tattooing on the spot, or rather, on the arm for those looking for a story involving an inking with the beginning “So I was at DRIPPED….” Also available for a painting was CAKES NAILS with custom nail art to gloss and picturesquely polish the chipped snagged-on-purpose because worn and bitten is the epitomizing statement of "the good life" dragged around for the hell of it and hell - it matches the aesthetic.

Such is the theory behind trendsetters who secretly dictate the latest, captured on camera because it is worth the snap and frankly, who do you think brought neon back for a season that turned into three? The bravados wearing it the whole time, along with their kitten dresses, purple capes, and silver spandex bras that I haven’t seen since…well never; it was before my time if ever there was a era for such collaborative statements of intertwined style.

These much respected artistic Angelinos wear designers – if they’re vintage. And they will wear your new jeans. IF they’re made in LA or in some obscure cut hot when 1978 was getting old; they’ll wear your t-shirts if on a personal name [and number] basis with the founding designer. Sufficing as elation of the latest underground variety of pop-up shop, Prep Jerks/Qloak, See You Monday, Kill City Jeans, Mamadoux, KittinHawk, Miss Wax, Fathom and FormDeandri, Shred Threads, Honey B Gold, Saucie Garments, House of Deity, Cowgirl Heaven, The Bealine, Rojas, Premo Plugs, and Rockem Eye Wear entered underground fashion celebrities and tastemakers into a world of styles that coexist on a summer night at The Holding Company with GGeisha Productions creating “fully-immersive experiences designed to inspire, fortify, and raise the bar for the evolvement of LA's fashion and culture.”


Photography by Rony’s Photo Booth – though there’s nothing booth about these photos.

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