Destination Luxury & Sue Wong Fashion Review - Glamour Celebration at the W Hollywood Hotel

The W Hotel in Hollywood California is a upscale Complex of the Entertainment world that is both eclectic and contemporary.  In the year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Thirteen, on the Eighth day, of the Eighth Month,  it is marvelously concocted as a Den of upscale Luxury harking back to 1930's Shanghai .


This night was a celebration for DESTINATION LUXURY,   and it's birthday boy and editor-in-chief David Christopher Lee



 DESTINATION LUXURY  is an online magazine that focuses on the luxury market with the intention of creating an emotional connection for their viewers to luxury hotels, accommodations, and real estate in the United States and around the world.

 The Red carpet was overflowing with all of the beautiful people. The event was attended by an array of VIP guest, industry talent, and the rollers and shakers from the Asian American business community. 

I confess, what I was most excited to see that evening, was the ensemble of dresses by Sue Wong.  I've been a fan of her work for longer than I can remember. When you see her dresses in the fashion magazines they always sparkle and pop. Seeing them in person, on some of the most beautiful women in the world, was such a treat for me personally.  A smoldering Celeste Thorson was stunning in a Sue Wong dress, and the night was magical and truly spotlighted what can only be Hollywood Glamour. Sue Wong's dresses offer a sense of sensual gratification.

The Organizers brought 1930's Shanghai to the outdoor Lounge for David Christopher Lee to ascend the red carpet with the Sue Wong models,  befitting the luxury brands sponsoring the event, and to announce his new position as contributing editor for Phoenix International Magazine.

PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE  is one of the premier bilingual magazines in the United States reaching both and affluent Chinese and English speaking clientele. Its well read and has a cadre of the jet set and fashion forward in readership. 

Other sponsors included Charis Events, Jin & Quinn, and Baby Bea's Cake Shop. Who all took their rightful place on the red carpet. 

UNICEF was a noted sponsor of the evening and was rightfully thanked by Celeste Thorson. Unicef, Chinese Children's Initiative  provides relief and services for impoverished and vulnerable children in China.

The evening had more displays of dazzle as the Chinese dragon dancers coursed through the crowds with the back beat of drums pounding.  With lights and colors all around, and steamy fire from the Dragons themselves, it was quite a spectacular sight.

Still, my most thrilling event of the night was having Sue Wong herself, attending the festivities. She is  elegant, has grace, and emotes this sense of style and sophistication.  Now honestly, I would have loved to introduce myself as a photographer and to have had 2 minutes to pitch my services.  I could see she was inundated  by the people in the business that she knew, and that know her. Not to mention all the people who wanted to know her. 

For my part, I thought the best thing I could do, was respect her and allow her one less person vying for attention.  I was so thrilled to photograph her, and to photograph her stunningly  gorgeous group of models, wearing the spectacular dresses, that I was indeed very happy and satisfied. 


It didn't take long for the Party to overflow into the Hotel Lobby. Which of course, it what it was designed for.  With spectacular high ceilings and a beautiful giant spiral staircase ascending to the mezzanine above, its all to obvious the W Hotel was intended for this very use. That is, hosting Grand Parties of the Beautiful , the Glamorous, and the Luxuriously coiffed, for evenings such as this.

And I admit it was fun to connect with friends such  Eduardo Khawam, who is Producing the upcoming Hollywood Design Week at the Pasadena City Hall in October.  Of course I will be shooting that night also. And I got to hang out a bit with Lawrence Davis, the Publisher himself, of Splash Magazine Los Angeles.


All in All, it was a very Hollywood Night. Congratulations to David Christopher Lee on a very successful evening. Let's do this again.


Event Photography by >  GregAutryPhoto


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