BlacMera - BlacMera Culturally Inspired Couture Collection


(L)Yuliana Candra

The audience seated along the runway waited in anticipation of viewing Designer Yoliana Candra’s  Collection of  Culturally inspired  BlackMara Ready-to-Wear Couture held at Agenda Loft in Downtown L.A. on April 28th 2011. Many had seen the gorgeous Roberto Cavalli  Champaigne Gold Lace gown in the press and wanted to view it up close.  The event was sponsored by Absolut Vodka.


Roberto Cacalli Champaigne/Gold Lace, Italian Tulle Bodice Enclish Soft Tulle Skirt

Yuliana’s inspiration for her designs were drawn from multiple references of traditional clothing of various cultures inspired by the Spanish Traije de Flamenca, the Chinese QiPao, the Indonesian Kebaya, the Indian Sari, the Moroccan Kaftan, the Greek Chilton, and the Roman’s Last Crusade.

BlacMera Collection

Mixed media was used in her designs to embellish her work  using recycled and reusable materials , such as rattan strips, leather  from an old sofa that have been  cut out, burned, and interweaved with Swarovski crystalsCandra’s designs were additionally influenced by her many lifelong travels across ancient and modern worlds. Each design is carefully handcrafted using the highest attention to detail.

Italian Silk Organza Silk Batik Trimming Gold Thread Embroidery

The collection was absolutely stunning, colorful and provocative , as models gracefully walked the runway exhibiting designs that displayed creativity, passion and elegance. Many handpainted on Dolce & Gabanna  Italian silk chiffon were inspired by the Moroccan Kaftan.

(L) Printed Italian Silk Chiffon, Italian Silk Sateen

Simple, cheek and colorful “Soul of Lithuania IX” was a sensual piece tastefully handpainted and looking great in boots and hand make jewelry.

"Soul of Lithuania IX"

Several gowns were printed on Italian Silk chiffon and Italian Silk Sateen that seemed to gracefully flow as the model walked the runway which which gave it a feel  of elegance.

BlacMera Collection

Some of Cantra’s designs feature embroidered Japanese Lace Italian Silk Organza Indonesian Batik, inspired by Dutch-Indonesian Royal Gown was colorful and uniquely designed while others feature embroidered Japanese lace on tulle, Silk Sateen Bustier Indonesian Silk Batik.


There was red bejeweled Japanese lace gown that was a girls dream but one of the most stunning designs was a Roberto Cavalli Champaigne Gold Lace Italian Tulle Bodice English Soft Tulle Skirt, tastefully transparent , accentuating a woman’s curve while also being unrevealing and stimulating to the imagination

BlacMera Collection


by Frank A. Turner III

Photography by Frank A. Turner III

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