Underglam Lingerie 2006 Collection - A Sultry, Sexy Slumber Party

Hollywood, CA - AnonyMiss Events brought the bedroom to Basque, the trendiest nightclub in Hollywood, on Saturday night with a fashion show featuring the ultra sexy Underglam Lingerie. Underglam's new spring, summer, and fall 2006 lines feature playful panty sets with fun, fruity, and flowery prints that just happen to cover all of the 'special' areas.

Underglam Lingerie is designed for the girl who wants to show off her body. This lingerie is designed to be comfortable, stylish, and trendy. They use state-of-the-art fabric in order to create a garment that is not only sexy, but functional. It's no wonder that celebs like Paris Hilton, Heather Locklear, and Eva Longoria can't seem to get enough of Underglam Lingerie. This lingerie is so in right now, it does not even need to be worn under clothes. The newest trend is to wear one of Underglam's camisoles with a pair of jeans and without a bra. It seems 'Underglam' is so hot, it's 'Glam!'  

Basque Nightclub was the packed with the most fashionable Los Angelenos all excitedly waiting for a glimpse of the lingerie. While the DJ spun the latest hip hop beats, the models frolicked down the runway like teenage girls at a slumber party. Each lovely lady stepped out on the catwalk giving the audience her best bedroom eyes. The nubile nudies sauntered, giggled, and playfully grooved to the music. The only thing missing were pillows for the token pillow fight in order to transform Basque into a giant slumber party. Watching the models' spirited struts, it is quite clear that Underglam lingerie helps women feel comfortable, sexy, and most of all, confident in their own skin.

The lingerie was playful, yet practical. From the excited whispers in the audience, it was quite apparent that both women and men will have a great time with the panties, bras, pants, and camisoles. The fabric is so light and airy, it will be perfect for lounging around the house watching movies and munching on popcorn on a hot, summer night. Ladies, if you are feeling a little more frisky, it is the perfect lingerie to wear for your afficionado that will make you forget about your trouble areas and focus on having fun.  

Celebrities could not resist making an appearance at Hollywood's hottest slumber party. Omar Miller, John Wynn, and Scott Bailey were seen in the front row ogling the models, and of course, the lingerie. Along with the rest of the audience, the celebrities cheered for the luscious ladies and their scrumptious lingerie. Everyone was having a wonderful night at this mini-slumber party. Of course, as long as Underglam Lingerie is involved, both men and women can't help but have fun!

Underglam's sultry, scintillating sleep over was produced by AnonyMiss Events. AnonyMiss Events is a marketing/event production firm that produces fashion shows in Hollywood's most trendy nightclubs. They provide strategic counseling and marketing campaigns for its clients. They cater to individual needs of the designer from promoting the brand to buyers, obtaining fashion publications, to reaching the public. 

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