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Ask women across America what their number one problem area is, and the response will overwhelmingly be “my belly!”  What woman doesn’t want to look slimmer and sexier in their jeans?  Look no further, Tummy Tuck™ Jeans are here to flatten your tummy, lift your butt and allow you to wear one size smaller.  Women with real curves everywhere are discovering that these three little things are just the ticket to look and feel their best.  Tummy Tuck™ Jeans challenges women to try them on and not look and feel their personal best.

Praised by celebrities and real women galore, Tummy Tuck™ Jeans is the most innovative product to hit fashion and beauty industries since control top pantyhose.  Never has there been a product that empowered women to look and feel their best the way Tummy Tuck™ Jeans does.  Tummy Tuck™ addresses problem areas that women across all body types, ages and ethnicities have.  They slim the often problematic lower abdomen, contour the hips and lift the butt without the feeling of being stuffed in binding, tight and uncomfortable material.  Say goodbye love handles that spill over restricting waistlines and derriere-revealing low riders.  These jeans are incredibly soft and will feel more like your favorite pair of sweatpants than your most flattering pants. The jeans have received rave reviews from curvaceous leading ladies Rachael Ray and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Lisa Rudes-Sandel has been around the denim business most of her life, but it didn’t require her being a pro to spot a glaring marketplace truth: “Nobody was making jeans for women,” she says.  There isn’t an average-size, average-age woman who would not have commiserated with Rudes-Sandel. “I am in pretty good shape and I couldn’t wear anything out there. Everything was very young. They were either made small or were running small or they were shapeless. I didn’t want to show my underwear every time I bent over.”  Unlike most of the unhappy female shoppers, however, Rudes-Sandel was in a position to fill the gap. She is the daughter of George Rudes, the man behind the ’70s and ’80s fashion-denim powerhouse St. Germain jeans.

Rudes-Sandel, with sister Leslie, started up their own denim company in 2003, naming it Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ for short). The sisters then pulled their father out of his Boca Raton retirement and put him to work. The first order of business was engineering a pair of jeans that would flatten a women’s stomach without using any material other than denim.

Producing the Tummy Tuck™ jeans was not only a model of product development but also a testament to the Rudes’ family devotion to high standards. “I brought my father’s knowledge and expertise into this,” Rudes-Sandel says. She didn’t want “a corset; I didn’t want to start inserting other materials,” she explains. “I am not into these tight, constricting things.” The question, Rudes says, “was how to maintain the integrity of the jean while making it do what we wanted it to do.”

Tummy Tuck™ is made with 4 percent Lycra in the denim, instead of the usual 2 percent, and the difference gives it comfort and mobility. But the secret to the tummy tucking is not only in the fabric content but also in the type of denim weaving, now patented, which constrains the stretch in the front and also gives the rear a lift. The fit stays comfortable but allows most women to buy a size or even two sizes smaller than normal. And that is quite a selling point.     

“Even though I work out, I’ve never had a flat tummy,” says Rudes-Sandel. “For women who have had kids, that area is very hard to get back in shape. But you want that flat-tummy look in jeans.” Their combined genius has made Tummy Tuck™ the largest domestic manufacturer of ladies jeans under $90.  Shipping over 15,000 pairs a week, the line provides jobs to approximately 200 Americans.

Rudes-Sandel is proudly Puerto Rican—“that is very important to me”—and employs a large number of Hispanic women. Thinking back on the many weekends as a child in Puerto Rico going around to stores with her dad as he sold fabric, the fact he made her start from the bottom, answering phones at St. Germain, Rudes-Sandel says simply, “My father taught us that if you have a great fit, you will always have a customer.”

Because of the success of the Misses line, Lisa branched out to offer Petites, Plus Sizes, and Petit-Plus Sizes, making them truly the jeans all women will love to wear. Although these jeans are not about a fad, but about the fit, they remain on the forefront of fashion.  They are available in straight leg or with a flare, and a 9-inch front rise.  Tummy Tuck™ jeans come in three washes, Midnight, Dark and Light, as well as several colors, offering women the consistent Tummy Tuck™ design they want in a variety of options.

Lisa sends a little piece of herself with every pair of jeans she ships.  Inside the jeans is a disclaimer that reads “NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) cannot be held responsible for any positive consequences due to your fabulous appearance when wearing the Tummy Tuck Jean.  You can thank me later.”  Hundreds of women log onto the Tummy Tuck™ website to share their heartwarming stories with her with phrases like “Don’t ever stop making these jeans!” “Finally I feel comfortable and sexy in jeans!” “My husband loves walking behind me now!” “I can’t thank you enough!” appearing again and again. Their cult-like following even made Tummy Tuck the No. 1 seller on Nordstrom.com, accounting for the largest single-day sales of an item (2,000 pairs) ever on the site.

Take the Tummy Tuck™ Challenge and see for yourself.

To learn more go to www.tummytuckjeans.com

On Oscar © Sunday February 24th, 2008 the Beverly Hills Hotel's Crystal Ballroom will once again provide the venue for the arrival of approximately 150-200 Academy stars who will attend the hottest celebrity Awards party in town with even bigger names than last year-

- Announcing The 18th Annual Night of 100 Stars Black Tie Dinner Viewing Gala.

The formal sit-down dinner viewing party has always included past Oscar winners and nominees who will return to pay tribute to this year's favorite Award nominees. Stars and their guests will be dressed to the nines in Formal fashions represented by the nation’s finest design houses. The celebrity gift bag this year will include products and services valued to $15,000.

The media has always rated the Night of 100 Stars as one of the top Award parties. The Daily News rated this party as "...the number one Oscar party, just for the sheer number of celebrities attending...".  ABC's Good Morning America covers this party and said. " Voting Academy members flock to the Night of 100 Stars and we are here tonight with last year's winners Peter Fonda and Martin Landau  along with Tom Arnold,  Anna Nicole Smith, and the cast of the West Wing. Is this an Oscar party or the Golden Globes?" The Jimmy Kimmel Show tapes segments for the show and said, " ...a wild party with mostly celebrities and they are everywhere you look". The Hollywood Reporter says, " Numerous former Academy Award winners and nominees turned out Sunday during the Night of 100 Stars Oscar Gala..including (150 stars) Richard Dreyfuss, Martin Landau, Fred Willard, James Cromwell...."

The 18th Annual Night of 100 Stars Awards Gala
The Beverly Hills Hotel International Ballroom
9641 Sunset Boulevard  Beverly Hills, CA  90210
Sunday February 24th 4:00 PM Arrivals begin

Tickets are $1,000 per seat.  Call for tickets only at 310-446-5416

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