Sweet Swedish Sweaters by Suss

Suss Cousins' first fashion show creation was an exquisite event. The models practically floated down the runway perfectly paced while moving to rapturously moody music like Japanese Buttoh artists. Each model wore Buttoh like paling white face makeup under their eyes and their hair was styled with fabulous braids that matched the knitted wonders designed by Suss. It was a pleasure to be able to follow the slow steady flowing of the models as they displayed the marvelous outfits born of Cousins' inspirations. Suss lives in LA and teaches knitting. She sells knitting books and kits online at her web address sussdesign.com. Suss is deeply moved by the elemental aspects of nature and its multitude of splendid earthy hues. The durability of her knits stand out and then follows the awareness that there is an accompanying freedom of not having to fuss with ironing and wrinkles. Even though knits have a gentle quality and must be given some loving launder care, they are very sustainable and practical.

Usually when people think of knits they think of a down home cozy look, yet the special style created by Suss is extremely elegant and luxurious. One of her full length knit dresses has a slit in the back that is open all along the spine and soft fuzzy edges give a nice subtle trim to this opening. This fuzzy yarn also creates the high neck flat collar. The knit is smooth and light weight and the knitting changes direction at the bodice, and hips, flowing into its floor length hem. Even though the knit is in black, the subtle change in the stitching direction is sublime. It appears as if the models have no under garments and you can see how wonderfully the knits form to their bodies, giving a sense of absolute comfort and freedom. 

Suss claims to have knitted her novel creations from inspirational musings delivered to her from the elemental colors and textures of candy, earth, and feathers. The result is a culmination of their joined luxuriousness being very sweetly expressed in the striped knitted sweaters, tops, jackets, and dresses of Suss design. Some of the sweaters had hoods, one had a scarf attached at the collar, and others had big cowl necklines, worn either off the shoulder, draped naturally or even over the head as a collared hood. Different textures and stitching boldly matched adorning full length scarves with jacket pockets and sweater trims. The magnificent variety of stripes definitely hinted of candy colorings, a combo that lent soft glamour to relaxing styles.

The glamour of the designs was an understatement that made a very powerful statement of sleek softness mixed with a flavor of approachability. Each outfit spoke of slow, mellow, soft, and easy with the textures offering a tactile happy go lucky feel. Several tops had velour trim and were worn with coordinating velvety full length skirts. Rainbow colored shawls and ponchos were worn over pants and skirts, including loose knit styles that had a gauzy mesh look.  Versatile front wrap sweaters of assorted styles and lengths had lovely smoothed textures of many vibrant colors, yet the colors were very easy on the eyes.  

The show finished with the beautiful high fashion model Kirsty Hume wearing a full length black knit Gothic style coat. This beautiful coat had a white cross design stitched in the center of the back which accentuated the Gothic theme. This auspicious full length coat showed how versitle and stylish knitted fashions can be. The beauty and quality of Suss' designs inspires a sense of how easy it is to fall in love with knitted wear. Whether it be for warmth and comfort, or for the appeal of glamorous high fashion design, Suss really proved how creative knitting can be.


























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