Sue Wong Spring 2007 Collection - Neo Romantics

If you ain't got that swing!

Sue Wong's, Neo Romantics, Spring 2007 Collection brings an era of rebirth, renewal and regeneration. The show started off with a harp performance by Carol Robbins whose beautiful tones filled the room and set the mood for what was to come.

Carol robbins played beautiful music

More cool hair looks

I loved just being at this show. It was a beautiful performance and just experiencing it was a real treat. The hairstyles with chignons and braided hair wrapped all around the head were a perfect addition as were all the hairstyles, hats, head ornaments and Scuptural Head Pieces.

Great Headdresses and Hairdos

First on the runway was the Edward Romantics stunning white dresses. Each model's head adorned with what looked like the most extraordinary display of white hats or fabrics creating that illusion piled high atop their heads. With the notes of the harpist still ringing in our ears, it felt almost holy and angelic. Moving into this ethereal realm was supposed to signify the dawn of a new day.

Love the hair ornaments

The show heralded the rebirth of the dress and took us on a tour of the world clearly showing each theme, while retaining Sue Wong's, Neo Romantics elegant style.

Lovely beige

More Lovely Shapes

Then came the Young Innocents, sweet and girly-girl with details of embroidery and crocheted pieces. This was to signify the finding of true love.

Country Cousins
took us through Americana with traditional dishtowel hand-embroidery and evoked innocence and country charm.

Mexican Palette

The mood changed dramatically with Fiesta in bright Mexican palettes of turquoise, yellows and bright oranges. The floral embroidery and colors in this saucy group induced memories of Frida Kahlo. On their heads were large Mexican paper flowers that looked great.

We were transported back in time to the psychedelic 60's with the Jimi Hendrix inspired spirit Chelsea with bright flashes of color and bold prints.


Then we moved into the sexy and stimulating Arabesque. Exotic silk prints and beaded details, animal patterns and mixed wood-blocked prints decorated with wooden beads from the Primitif grouping. It has a tribal feel and is at the same time mysterious and charmingly feminine.

More summery sheaths

In Accentuate the Positive she celebrates the night for young Hollywood Ingenues. Diamonds and Platinum is for the now grown up, romantic, soulful woman.

New Age Brides

More New Age Brides

For the finale clouds of dreamy bridal gowns float down the runway in The Bride signifying the end of innocence. The extraordinary beading on the gowns was breathtaking. The final piece had a dramatic and remarkable Asian inspired headdress.

In the acknowledgements Sue Wong is credited for the music but Eric Lopo is credited with editing the music.

Sculptural Head Pieces were by Mannolo Sanz, while the hats were by Elsie Massey Hats.

The lighting really helped set the mood and was by Shannon Davidson Productions.

Interesting feathery headdress

The hairstyles throughout were elegant and designed by Carla Gentile for Steam.
The makeup was by Melanie Lewis and the M*A*C* Pro Team.

The lovely accessories were from Ben Fay Wearable Art and by Faith Knight both from California Market Center.

Well deserved applause

Sue Wong
realizes that the key to vigorous marketing is variety, but still, her designs consistently celebrate the romantic spirit of women with her classic elegant styles and impeccable craftsmanship.


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