Sterling Williams Fashion Show - Fashion Comes to Life at Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills

If you know anything about Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA, your thoughts are certain to venture towards the taste of their delectable roast crab and infamous garlic noodles. 

However, on Monday, March 5, 2007, Crustacean Restaurant brought on thoughts of whimsical and funky fashions before pallet pleasing dishes.  This is because rising Designer and former Musician Sterling Williams picked the venue to showcase his avant-garde men and women fashion designs during a 'soft' fashion show.

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So just who is Sterling Williams and what is a 'soft' fashion show?  Well first, let's talk about the designer himself.  Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Williams has managed to create a prominent and ever increasing buzz around his collection in three short years. 

During his three-year pounce onto LA's fashion industry, pieces of his collection have kissed the bodies of Paris Hilton, Ryan Seacrest, Britney Spears, Marlon Wayans, Pat O'Brian and Jillian Barberie to name a few.  Williams recently sold two of his lines to Fred Segal department stores and is in the process of establishing an online store through his self-named Website

Sterling Williams (center) poses with female models

With great bone structure and luscious locks of hair you would think that this designer wouldn't be camera shy, but he stated that he was as he drew my focus towards his entourage of models mingling across Crustacean's fish-tank glass floor.  Which brings us to the idea of a 'soft' fashion show. 

Unlike a regular fashion show where models walk uniformly down a structured runway, a 'soft' fashion show is the idea of showcasing designer pieces in life-like settings. So, the models were instructed to mingle and have a good time as if they were out with family and friends.

Sterling Williams (far right) poses with male models

The 'softness' of the show didn't diminish the spotlight of the models.  In fact, the one-of-a-kind signature pieces seemed to stand out even more in the dimly lit confines of the restaurant.  'Life's too short to blend in' is the company's tag line and they seem to have gotten it right.  The only thing that blended amongst the models and other attendees was the soulful vocals of the night's musical artist Alex Boyd.

Michelle shows off the back of an SW original. Male model displays an original SW designed blazer.

Wings are the design's trademark logo and could be seen grazing the shoulders of men's blazer jackets and fluttering up the sides of snug-tight women t-shirt dresses.  Almost artistic in its impression of the business casual and schoolgirl looks, the collection manages to set a new trend amongst an industry filled with copycat looks.

I just wanted to know if Mr. Williams could hook me up with a pair of his art-embellished leggings!  Hmmm, I guess I will have to just ask or pick up a pair myself at one of the many stores that caters to selling his designs.

Sterling Williams and friend enjoy the atmoshphere while Lawrence Davis, Editor-In-Chief of Splash Magazines is tickled pink by Rachel Grant

If you are in the LA area, be sure to check out his collection at Fred Segal or Blast.  If you are further south in San Diego pay a visit to Lounge.  Additional stores and locations can be found on the Website (

Additional Pictures from the night! 

Bond PR Owner, Michelle Vink (far left) poses with a show attendee. Show attendee, Rachel Grant (far right) poses with Jason, an out of town friend

Lawrence Davis (far right), Rachel Grant and her friend Jason getting ready to head out

Michelle Vinx poses with friends


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Takeisha Rayson and Shirley Duclos attended the show


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